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Two Player Board Games: Our Top 3

Posted Thursday, 25-Dec-2014

There’s nothing worse than just wanting to hang out and play a game and then never having the right amount of players to make it happen. BoardGamePrices’ favorites for two player board games are just a few solutions to this never-ending struggle. Check out our top 3 two player board games below, and let us know who you get to play with you!

Agricola: All Creatures Big and Small – Two player board games take an agricultural shift in this worker placement game that tasks players with running a small animal farm. Agricola has about a 30 minute play time, so it’s quick, fun, competitive and interactive. The game also features tons of expansions to add to its replay value.

Netrunner – Netrunner is a great game for strategy when it comes to two player board games. Netrunner has one player take on the role of a corporation, while the other player tries to hack into the corporation’s information. This intuitive and interactive game is known to be highly addictive, so you can be sure any player two you recruit is guaranteed to stick around.

Memoir ’44 – Memoir ’44 brings a military spin to two player board games, with about an hour average play-through time. Many war based games are filled with lengthy rules and run hours on end, but Memoir ‘44’s fast paced scenario based game play brings a new level of fun to two player board games.

Do you have a favorite two player board game you think should’ve made it on our list? Let us know, and check out the best offers on these games here at BoardGamePrices.

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