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Top 10 Searched Games in December

Posted Thursday, 8-Jan-2015

December is typically one of the busiest online shopping months for board games.  Tons of new-release games, along with many old favorites were searched for on BoardGamePrices.com.

Below are the top ten searched games on BoardGamePrices.com for the month of December:

        1.  Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective   Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective
        2.  Dead of Winter: A Crossroads Game  Dead of Winter: A Crossroads Game
        3.  Caverna: The Cave Farmers  Caverna: The Cave Farmers

        4.  Terra Mystica  Terra Mystica

        5.  Five Tribes  Five Tribes
        6.  Castles of Mad King Ludwig  Castles of Mad King Ludwig
        7.  The Settlers of Catan  The Settlers of Catan
        8.  Sheriff of Nottingham  Sheriff of Nottingham
        9.  Fields of Arle  Fields of Arle 
        10.  Roll for the Galaxy  Roll for the Galaxy

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