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Throwback Thursday: Can’t Stop

Posted Thursday, 9-Apr-2015

In Can’t Stop, your worst enemy is the urge to have just one more roll.

Contributed by Andrew Knighton

Since the first time two players gambled on cards, there’s been a strong tradition of games involving pushing your luck.  From Blackjack to the warped poker of Doomtown, it’s a style of gaming that’s often been about cards.  Released in 1980, Can’t Stop made it all about dice.


Can't Stop
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Pushing Your Luck

The rules of Can’t Stop are simple.  Players are racing to get three of their pieces to the top of a board made of eleven numbered columns. Which columns you can move on are decided by rolling four dice, dividing them into pairs and totaling up those pairs.

The challenge comes in deciding which columns to advance on, and how long to keep advancing.  A player can only ever use three columns in a single go.  You can roll the dice and advance as many times as you want in your turn, but if you ever roll numbers that don’t match your columns then all progress is lost.

If Robo Rally is a game of pre-destination, in which everything is decided in advance, then Can’t Stop is its opposite, a game of balancing chance.  You can keep rolling indefinitely, trying to get enough sevens to reach the top, but if you don’t stop before you make a bad roll then all that effort goes to waste.

In Can’t Stop, your worst enemy is the urge to have just one more roll.


Can't Stop
Can’t Stop


Simplicity Itself

Like tile collection game Heckmeck, Can’t Stop is a simple game where success comes from understanding probability, and from a little luck. It’s simple, fast and fun.  Once you start, sometimes you really can’t stop.

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