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Start Playing Board Games During Your Lunch Break

Posted Wednesday, 4-Mar-2015

Get more gaming into your life; Get your co-workers into board games and start playing games in the office.

Contributed by Simon Di Rubbo and Calvin Wong

Break the lunchtime monotony by playing board games at work. A rich opportunity for teambuilding that brings some cheer to your career – Major companies Google, Xerox, and Palantir encourage employees to play board games during lunch breaks.



Lunchtime games should be:

1.  Short enough to set up, play, and clean up within your break.

2.  Small enough to fit on your lunch table at work.

3.  Easy to learn and fun for everyone.

If it all sounds too difficult to find a great lunchtime game, don’t worry; we have some fantastic suggestions for you.

Lost Legacy


Lost Legacy: The Starship
Lost Legacy is a small-box card game that consists of a thin deck of cards and lots of strategy and bluffing. The object of the game is to find the eponymous Lost Legacy; but whether it’s in another player’s hand or lost in the Ruins is a matter for you to discover.

On your turn you play one of the cards in your (very small) hand, using its ability to search for the Lost Legacy. Look at another player’s cards, search the Ruins, or try and eliminate the competition.



There are several Lost Legacy decks to choose from, all of which feature different cards that can be mixed up or combined, and all of them are really cheap.

Bottom line

Lost Legacy is a small box card game plays in under ten minutes and offers plenty of strategy in that timeframe.


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Deep Sea Adventure


Deep Sea Adventure Figure


Dive in search of treasure in this pocket-sized press-your-luck game of brinksmanship and ‘don’t-you-dare.’



Deep Sea Adventure Figure


In this competitive game, you’re trying to dive deeper to get the best treasure, but the moment anyone picks up anything at all, the clock begins to tick. The more you’re carrying, the slower you swim – can you make it back to the submarine at all?

Bottom Line

Risk management, pocket form factor, and plenty of replayability make it one of our favorites here at Price HQ. Deep Sea Adventure is easy to teach, beautiful, and loads of fun.


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It’s Taboo…

But the other team chooses the words you can’t say.



Trapwords is a fast, simple word game for up to two teams of four, both trying to get further into the dungeon and beat the boss. Each round, players must write down words the other team cannot use; They need to guess ‘skeleton?’ Can’t say bones, calcium, or muscles! Or should you include body…

Choose between fantastical language or real-world words, and begin your team-based adventure!

Bottom Line

Trapwords is a word game of team vs team for up to eight players that’s great fun and has loads of replay value.


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The Mind




One of the most intriguing and unique designs in board gaming, award-winning card game The Mind is a co-operative gem that seems way too simple to be true.



Players are each randomly given some cards numbered anywhere from 1 to 100, which they have to play in ascending order… Without talking.

You have the 7, so that should be pretty safe to play… but what if someone else has the 6? Should you go fast or play it safe? How safe? Meaningful glances can’t say everythin- OH NO SOMEONE PLAYED A 9.


Bottom Line


The Mind is an unbelievable co-operative experience that will have everyone at the table wanting more than its 5 minute play time. Can you make it through all 12 difficulty levels without losing all your lives?


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Need more lunch break game suggestions? We’ve got you covered! From two-player thinkers to large group party games, check out our picks for the best board games to play at the office.

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