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Start Playing Board Games During Your Lunch Break

Posted Wednesday, 4-Mar-2015

Contributed by Simon Di Rubbo

Have your coworkers found out about your geeky board game hobby yet?

Excellent! Why don’t you play something together over lunch at work? Major companies such as Google, Xerox, and Palantir encourage employees to play board games during lunch breaks. This allows players to take their minds off of their workloads while still keeping their brains stimulated.

Lunchtime games should be:

1.  Short enough to set up, play, and clean up within your break.

2.  Small enough to fit on your lunch table at work.

3.  Easy to learn and fun for everyone.

If it all sounds too difficult to find a great lunchtime game, don’t worry; we have some fantastic suggestions for you.


Coup consists of a thin deck of cards and a ridiculous amount of bluffing — all in a little box.

Players try to eliminate each other by using special powers presented on their cards, with the twist being that players do not need to show their cards until they are challenged to do so. If your poker face is good, you can play an entire game of Coup while pretending to hold cards you don’t have. If your poker face is not up to par, your lunchtime friends will probably knock you out the game pretty early on. In either case, you will be laughing the whole time.

If you like fast bluffing games, Skull and Mascarade offer great game play as well.

Samurai Spirit

Samarai Spirit
Remember when the Seven Samurai fought back a horde of bandits? No? Well, allow Samurai Spirit refresh your memory.

Samurai Spirit is a cooperative game in which players are heroic Samurai fighting together to save a village from robbers. But when the darkest hour come, these Samurai can transform into their animal spirits!

The game is from veteran designer Antoine Bauza, author of both 7 Wonders and Ghost Stories. Samurai Spirit feels like a more streamlined reinterpretation of Ghost Stories, packing the same fun and tension in a shorter play time.

Fairy Tale

Fairy Tale
Fairy Tale is a simple card game in which player will draft cards – that is, keep one card and pass the rest to the next player- to collect sets of fantasy creatures.

The quick game leaves players with important decisions to make on every turn.

Sushi Go has a similar feel but with a different flavor. For more crunch and strategy, 7 Wonders is another popular strategy game using similar gaming mechanics.



In the best-selling game Splendor, players are gem merchants buying and selling precious stones to became the most famous jewel maker of the renaissance.

Like in all good hand-management games such as Race for the Galaxy or San Juan, players will have to carefully balance between buying victory points and investing to push their economy. The game has recently won the Board Game Geek award for best game of 2014 and has the highest quality poker chips you have ever seen in a board game!

Whether your colleagues are novice board gamers or seasoned strategists, these games will give your group the fun lunch break you need before going back to work.


Photo credit: BoardGameGeek.com


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