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Space Hack: 6 Steps to compacting your Dominion collection

Posted Wednesday, 11-Mar-2015

Article used with permission from CleverMoveGames.com

Dominion is one of the most re-playable games ever created. With more than 200 unique cards to choose from, the number of starting conditions is so large that no player will ever try all of them.

But the Dominion boxes are a serious space hog — making them difficult to justify in a small apartment.

How do you fix that problem? Follow these steps.

1. Get Rid of the Insert

The standard insert that comes in Dominion boxes is nice (kind of), but it takes up a LOT of space. By getting rid of the insert, you’re left with a large, open box in which you can combine several Dominion sets.

2. Make Your own Insert

You could do this in a number of ways, but we followed this tutorial that turned two standard CCG long-boxes into five storage areas.

3. Weed-out cards you don’t use

The box insert we made allowed us to store about five Dominion expansions into one box (the base set, Prosperity, Cornucopia, Hinterlands, and Dark Ages). The problem is that we had seven expansions. To make Seaside fit, we got rid of the cards that we never used.

What cards you keep will depend on your group, but they’ll probably come out of the base set.  When’s the last time you were excited to see Chancellor or Woodcutter or Adventurer?  We also plucked a few of the more annoying cards from other sets.  For example, we found Cultists from Dark Ages to be a fun-killer.

4. Get rid of Alchemy

Dominion Alchemy Box

Seriously, nobody likes Alchemy.

5. Alphabetize

When you cram all of your sets into one box, you could keep each set separately.  But why?  By instead alphabetizing all of your cards, you make it easier to find them at the start of a game.

6. Dividers

You can live without them, but dividers that delineate where each set of kingdom cards starts and ends will go a long way to quickening setup and clean up.

What other solutions would you add for making your Dominion collection take up less space? Tell us in the comments.

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