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Searching for Zombie Games?

Posted Monday, 13-Apr-2015

Contributed by Andrew Knighton


If you want to spend more time with Rick Grimes, or see if you can do better than him in surviving his world, there are plenty of opportunities.

A new gaming genre is born

The popularity of the Walking Dead TV show has created a whole selection of tie-in games, including The Walking Dead Card Game, The Walking Dead: The Best Defense and The Walking Dead Don’t Look Back Dice Game.

There are many other zombie board games out there, and here are some of the top sellers.

Fleeing for Your Life

Zombies!!! and its various expansions remain the classic example of a zombie survival game. You play the survivors trying to get safely out of town, as ever growing hordes of undead close in on you.  Perhaps you’ll get lucky and find a skateboard or a shotgun, but more likely you’ll just find more monsters trying to eat your brains.


Zombies!!! Game
Zombies!!! Game


Escape-across-a-board is a format that’s been used by other games. Though fun, Zombies!!! can be slow to play, and Zombie 15′ provides a fast-paced 15 minute alternative.  Last Night on Earth, which proved a big hit on Wil Wheaton’s Tabletop show, adds flavor to the setting, with the survivors becoming interesting and varied characters rather than anonymous figures.


Zombie 15' Zombie Board Game
Zombie 15′


Last Night on Earth Zombie Board Game
Last Night on Earth


Zombie Variants

A lot of games have zombie variants, so that you can play an old favorite with this grizzly theme.

Munchkin, the comedy game of dungeon crawling, has two zombie variants – Munchkin Zombies and Munchkin Zombies 2.  If you have trouble treating the zombie threat seriously that won’t be a problem with these fun, silly zombie games.


Munchkin Zombies Board Game
Munchkin Zombies


Munchkin Zombies 2 Board Game
Munchkin Zombies 2: Armed and Dangerous


Fluxx, the game in which the rules are ever changing, also has a Zombie Fluxx variant. With the dead walking, what better games mechanic could there be for a world in which the rules are turned upside down?


Zombie Flux Card Game
Zombie Flux Card Game


Even The Walking Dead is in on the variant act, with Bang! The Walking Dead, a re-imagining of western shoot-em-up card game Bang!


Bang! The Walking Dead
Bang! The Walking Dead


Hungry for Brains

Not all these games put you in the role of survivors.  Zombie Dice is a fast, easy game in which you are the zombies, trying to eat thirteen brains before you get blown away with a shotgun blast.  It’s a great zombie dice game for if you’ve just got fifteen minutes to spare, or if you want something that’s fun and easy at the end of an evening.  (Check out 3 Dice Games to Try Before You Die for more dice games)


Zombie Dice
Zombie Dice


With so many zombie games, people are clearly running toward rather than away from the walking dead.

What are some of your favorite zombie games?

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