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School-Aged Games to Avoid Adult Boredom

Posted Sunday, 22-Feb-2015

Whether we play with a niece, nephew, the child of a friend, or have children of our own, we have all played a tedious; mind numbingly boring school aged game.  And chances are, in keeping with predictable childhood behavioral patterns, we will have to play that “favorite” game over, and over, and over again.

You know the games we are referring to: ranging from Guess Who, to Trouble and Connect 4 and so many more, these games will surely drive an adult insane.  Within three turnarounds of sequential game play you will be twitching out of sheer boredom and envisioning your escape out the nearest window.


Child Games to Avoid Adult Bordom

While its agreeable that these types of games teach our children to love board games, they require little skill or strategy; relying heavily on luck of the draw or roll.  Subsequently they will bore an adult to death.

The best games incorporate fun, original, and entertaining content while simultaneously laying the foundation for basic strategic game play.  These early years of development and gaming should act as a gateway for the epic game play lingering just around the bend.  Here are a few of our favorite games for school aged children, ages 6-12, that are guaranteed to engage children and adults alike, for hours on end.


Aztack Board Game
 Aztack is by far the simplest way to teach your young gamer the basics of strategic game play.  In a round, players stack stones according to their patterns while looking for an opportunity to block their opponent from stacking their own stones.  The player with the fewest stones remaining at the end of the game wins.


This game is as simple as it appears.  With basic rules that are fast to learn, players can quickly turn their attentions on cultivating their strategic prowess.  This game is ideal for even the youngest of gamers (ages 6 and up), and is designed for up to four players.

Unlike other games marketed for 6 year olds, like Sorry and Trouble, luck does not play a role in winning this game. Players determine their moves to counter that of their opponents, a skill that will prove fundamental in the years of game play ahead.



Ticket to Ride

Ticket to Ride Game
Ticket to Ride is a fantastic gateway game that is simple enough to learn the rules within a few minutes but jam packed with enough action to keep new players involved for the duration of the game.

In this cross-country train adventure game, players collect train cards that allow them claim rail routes and connect cities. The longer the routes, the more points they earn. Players who fulfill their longer Destination Ticket, by connecting two distant cities can earn additional points.


Ticket to Ride Board Game

Built upon remarkably simple strategic and tactical decisions, Ticket to Ride is the perfect introduction to strategic game play.  Players can also explore other destinations within this game series with Ticket to Ride: Europe, Ticket to Ride: Nordic Countries, and numerous other expansion packs.

One thing is for sure; once your youngster masters this game they will ready to tackle the likes of Forbidden Island and beyond.




As with any other game that has won the Spiel Der Jahres, this strategic family game does not disappoint. An engaging two-player strategic tile placement game with endless possibility, Carcassonne will keep you coming back for more.

Built upon an actual city in the south of France, players take on the roles of founding fathers, each venturing to leave their mark on this fresh terrain.

As the game progresses each player will draw and place a tile featuring a southern French landscape on it. Tiles may have a combination of road, field, city, and monastery segments on them.

Once these tiles are placed, players can then use their meeples to claim the areas they just placed on the board. As these various meeples are played they become the knights, monks, and farmers that will determine the course of the game.

As with many other gateway games, the rules are simple. When an area is complete, that meeple scores points for its owner. The player with the most points at the end wins.



Play Carcassonne
Photo Credit: BoardGameGeek

With easy to learn rules and quick game play, Carcassonne will keep both novice and seasoned opponents playing into the night. Furthermore, determining when and where to place ones meeples will prove to teach the youngest of players the basics of strategic play and area control.  Once they are hooked be sure to check out the numerous editions and expansion sets, particularly Carcassonne Gold Rush or Carcassonne –The Castle.

Game play should be fun and entertaining for both the adult and child playing them no matter what age the game is geared towards. So place your boring and redundant games towards the rear of the closet and start giving your young gamer the skills they need to achieve world domination.


Photo Credit:  https://flic.kr/p/j9udTd, https://flic.kr/p/j9pCyi

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