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Rio Grande Announces Dominion: Adventures

Posted Saturday, 17-Jan-2015

Make space on your deck-building game shelf, there’s soon to be a new Dominion expansion in town!  Dominion: Adventures is set to be the 9th expansion to the Spiel des Jahres winning card game.

Slated to be released sometime in 2015, Dominion: Adventures will be the second largest Dominion expansion with 400 cards (the largest dominion expansion is Dominion: Dark Ages with 500 cards).

The expansion will include 30 new Kingdom Cards, 20 new Event Cards,  tokens to modify cards, and a new type of card called a Reserve Card, which can be saved for use at a proper time.  Size game mats will also be included.
Unfamiliar with Dominion?
Dominion is an easy-to-learn, quick card game appropriate for all ages.  Different sets of strategic cards are used for every game, making each play experience a truly unique one.
Dominion Game

Although there are tons of Dominion expansions, each has a unique theme and introduces new gaming mechanics.  Players often mix cards from various difference expansions to alter the playing experience.

List of Dominion expansions:

1.  Dominion: Intrigue

Dominion Intrigue


2.  Dominion: Seaside

Dominion Seaside Expansion

3.  Dominion: Alchemy

Dominion Alchemy Expansion

4.  Dominion: Prosperity

Dominion Prosperity Expansion

5.  Dominion: Cornucopia

Dominion Cornucopia Expansion

6.  Dominion: Hinterlands

Dominion Hinterlands Expansion

7.  Dominion: Dark Ages

Dominion Dark Ages Expansion

8.  Dominion: Guilds

Dominion Guilds Expansion

As always, you can find the best prices for Dominion and all of its expansions on BoardGamePrices.com.

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