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Review of Reviews: Sushi Go!

Posted Tuesday, 13-Jan-2015

A compilation of reviews for the popular game Sushi Go!

Contributed by BoardGamePrices.com Staff


Gamewrights’ Sushi Go! “is adorable – almost painfully so,” writes Matt M. Casey for Clever Move Games. 

The game was originally released through a small IndieGoGo campaign and seemed to eat its way up the sales charts overnight.

The fast-paced card game is “very simple to teach and learn,” said BoardGameAuthority, “it would be a great game to bring out for new gamers, and at the same time it would still be a fun game to play for the regular board gamer.”

ISlaytheDragon.com describes the game play:

“Sushi Go! is played over three rounds. At the start of each round, each player receives a hand of cards. On each turn, players will choose one card from their hands, and once every player has chosen a card, they will reveal the cards and place them in front of themselves for scoring, passing the remaining cards in their hands to the left.”

“Sushi Go! is a drafting game,” writes Jonathan Franklin for The Opinionated Gamer, “Instead of the three ages of 7 Wonders, in Sushi Go!, you are eating three meals, we call them Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner.”  Firestone from Theology of Games echoes the similarities to the game 7 Wonders, “Where 7 Wonders, and all of the expansions, are bloated and needlessly complex (IMO), Sushi Go is stripped down, simple, and fun. I would rather play three games of Sushi Go than one game of 7 Wonders.”

“It can be a very quiet game,” Franklin said, “so we instituted a house rule that you have to say what you are playing. That adds some feeling of excitement and interaction.”

“The rules are simple to relay and the cute art grabs kids’ and girls’ attention,” Kenny Khek said on his site TableTopGames.Lifebits.me, “however, for me, Sushi Go! is fun only for a couple of plays as the replayability of Sushi Go! is low.”

“While I do think Sushi Go! is fun, I don’t think it will be replacing the heavier drafting games for the more experienced gamer,” wrote Tony Mastrangeli wrote for Board Game Quest, “but for something to play with your kids or your parents, it makes a fantastic choice.”

“This my favorite fast pub game. I love it. You can play without thinking and chit-chat,” Troll in the Corner wrote in their review of pub games, “you also don’t have to be entirely sober to play.”


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