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Review of Reviews: Star Realms

Posted Saturday, 4-Apr-2015

A compilation of reviews for the hit deck-building game Star Realms.

Contributed by BoardGamePrices.com Staff

Star Realms: a whole new galaxy for deck building fanatics

Star Realms is an intergalactic deck-building game published in 2014 by Iello Games.  It is a game that provides players with a myriad of ships, bases, and portals in a collectible card format.

Players trade cards and use them during gameplay to generate combat points, attack opponents, gain resources, and take new rewards.



Star Realms
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In 2014 Star Realms won the vote for Best Card Game in BoardGameGeek’s Golden Geek Awards.  This helped propel Star Realms into the hands of many well-known players, including Andrew Fretz of TouchArcade.com.  Fretz, in a recent interview, shared his thoughts about Star Realms:

“The flow and tempo of the game is amazing. I never feel like I have completely useless rounds even when I draw a bad hand. I also feel less locked into a strategy, a good card can still be a good card if it doesn’t 100% match your overall game plan.”

Another well-known professional gamer, Derek Thompson from MeepleTown.com raved about Star Realms, saying:

“FINALLY, someone is making a deck building game where the goal is just to kill your frickin’ opponent!  I loved how smooth and quick the game was.”

How it’s played

Each player starts a battle with 10 cards– 8-scout cards and 2-viper cards. Each scout card gives the player one available trade.  Viper cards are used for combat and tactical moves.  At the beginning of a battle, players are allotted 50 Authority points each.

Great deck-building and utilization is crucial to retain points during rounds.  The first player to remove their opponent of all points wins the battle.

Dave Neumann from PocketTactics.com said in his game play review,

“The brilliance of Star Realms is how it builds on a simple system. Whereas some games will dump novella-length prose on cards to create diverse effects, Star Realms ingeniously uses a faction system that allows cards to have multiple effects based on other cards in your tableau.”

Star Realms is offering players a fresh take on deck building battle games.



Star Realms
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Pro Tips

Dave Neumann also included some advice for players in his in-depth review:

“In Star Realms you need to select cards based on other factions you have in your hand because faction powers only proc when another card from that faction is also in play.  If you simply buy whatever costs the most trade, your deck will be a mish mosh of different factions and you’ll get crushed.”




Star Realms
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Famer Lenny from IslaytheDragon.com said in his recent review,

“Star Realms is more aggressive than your typical deck-builder, but it will find an immediate home with (ex-)CCG players.  All told, if you are at all interested in a two-player deck-building experience, Star Realms is absolutely a game you should check out.”

Andrew Fretz from TouchArcade.com shared this thought with his followers-

“The longer you play this game, the more you realize that getting more options doesn’t make the game easier.  The strategy is just deeper.”

Star Realms offers a seriously put together platform for players that are new to deck building, and seasoned players looking for their next big endeavor.  Whatever your situation, Star Realms is sure to become an instant favorite.

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