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Review of Reviews: Roll for the Galaxy

Posted Sunday, 15-Mar-2015

A collection of reviews for the instant classic Roll for the Galaxy.

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Roll for the Galaxy, the handsome little brother of a familiar classic.

Published in 2014 by Rio Grande Games, Roll for the Galaxy is a dice version of the acclaimed hit Race for the Galaxy.  The game was designed with a fresh twist on dice rolling not for points, but for the goods, equipment, and technologies needed to establish the ultimate empire.



Game Review Roll for the Galaxy
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How to play Roll for the Galaxy

Roll for the Galaxy was designed for 2-5 players.  Game play revolves around a turn-based strategy of dice rolling and resource selection.  Players will find that seemingly miniscule mistakes early in the game can deal them major misfortune as play develops.  Roll for the Galaxy is a complex game with plenty of room for creative strategy development.  Players who enjoy face paced sci-fi action will instantly fall in love with Roll for the Galaxy.


Review of Roll for the Galaxy Dice Game
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Pro Tips

We constantly search for the best tips and trick to give our players the edge, and in his review of Roll for the Galaxy, Sam Heely from MiamiDice.com recommends “Players should consider the likelihood that opponents will or will not activate community tiles in the coming round.  Hedging your bets correctly can save valuable resources for bigger plays later in the game.”

Reviewer’s… reviews

Tom Vasel from DiceTower.com said in his video review, “This game is a Race for the Galaxy killer!” Anyone who enjoyed the original race for the galaxy, will find the simplified allocation of resources in Roll for the galaxy a welcome change.

Mark Steed at the BoardGameCorner.com also loved the games plentiful updates.  He said during his game play review that “There is something to be had for every player of this game, it’s not all about conquest, everyone can find something to enjoy.”


Roll for the Galaxy Game Review
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Roll for the Galaxy brings two sought-after gifts to the board game community.  First, a much needed update to the decade old classic Race for the Galaxy, and second, a welcome “shake up” to the limited number of truly in-depth dice based strategy games on the market.

We see Roll for the Galaxy as a new but familiar game that sci-fi and dice game lovers alike should definitely add to their collection!


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