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Review of Reviews: Imperial Settlers

Posted Saturday, 7-Mar-2015

A compilation of reviews for the smash hit Imperial Settlers.

Contributed by BoardGamePrices.com Staff

A new hit from a serious designer, say hello to Imperial Settlers.

Imperial Settlers, released in 2014 by Portal Games, is strategy-based adventure epic that has quickly gained a huge following in the professional gaming community. The game’s developer Ignacy Trzewiczek has become an iconic figure in game design, and his solo development of Imperial settlers left many chomping at the bit for a chance to log some playtime.

Walt Mueller of BoardGameQuest.com was no exception, and in his recent review of Imperial Settlers, he said:

“As soon as I started the opening round of my first play through of Imperial Settlers, I knew I was in for something special.”



Imperial Settlers Review
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This game has been commended for its heavy focus on storyline, unique multi-action card development, and the quality of its content. Walt commended the game (and its designer) for these features by saying,

“Rarely is a strategy game player bombarded with so many choices to make each at every turn. Mr. Trzewiczek has created a smart, meaty game that holds up well to multiple plays.”

So, what exactly has players falling in love with Imperial Settlers? Lets take a look at the game play…

How it’s Played

Imperial Settlers is played with 1-4 participants, but BoardGameGeek.com recommends 2 players for maximum enjoyment.

Players start the game with the “faction selection” process.  Each unique faction comes with an individual set of action cards, a personal attribute board, and game pieces.  Player’s use turn based strategy to collect resources, build their civilization, and complete designated tasks.

The game ultimately develops into the “War Phase” where players pit their civilizations against one another in heated combat.  A winner emerges when their faction has gained control of the most territory.  No two games will ever play the same due to the endless possibility of strategy and tactic options available.

Pro Tips

Dale Yu of OpinionatedGamers.com recently spent some time with Imperial Settlers and offered some advice about dealing with 1-3 opponents in the later phases of the game.

“In two-players games you can take time looting your opponent’s empire, but this is much more difficult with 3-4 players.  There is not a strong player vs player interaction and it’s not so easy to stop a well-built engine, but you can raze opponents common locations to slow down.”



Review of Imperial Settlers



John Zaenglein of ChalkBoardGameReviews.com said in his review of Imperial Settlers,

“I really love this game.  There is way too much to say to put it all in words.  This is essentially a 4X card game that plays in a decent amount of time.  4X meaning: Explore – Lookout phase and cycling through your deck to find cards that you want.  Exploit – manipulating the cards and deals of others to benefit you. Exterminate – maybe this is a stretch, but you can raze other player’s locations, and remove important cards in the game.  It is pretty devastating.”

It is amazing that a game so recently released has generated a large cult following AND so many passionate opinions from the professionals.  In his very popular review series from DiceTower.com, Tom Vasel applauded Imperial Settlers by saying

“I very much enjoy this game, two big thumbs up.”

With all the positive hype, and so many great reviews online today, we feel that no gamer who looks for the best in strategy based games should go without a copy of Imperial Settlers.


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