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Review of Reviews: Deus

Posted Wednesday, 25-Mar-2015

A compilation of reviews for the strategy game Deus.

Contributed by BoardGamePrices.com Staff.

Deus: Totally New, But Somehow Familiar

Deus is a civilization based strategy game published by Pearl Games in 2014. According to Tom Vasel of DiceTower.com, “Deus is a must have game.”

After playing a few rounds most will probably agree with Tom, and here’s why…

How it’s Played

Deus is a 2-4-person game, and unique of most popular board games, the number of players has little effect on enjoyment.  This ultra modern twist on the ever-popular “Risk” involves players in frequent head-to-head territory skirmishes while simultaneously pitting them against their own wits and skills.  Players are forever forced into fast paced “activate or discard (offer to the gods)” decisions for their evolving pile of ability and action cards.

Brian Leet of OpinionatedGamers.com said in his recent review, “Deus is a solid game with interesting decisions, a fun balance between building and sacrificing cards and definite capacity for re-playability.”

A winner is ultimately decided when all available temples (number varies related to the number of players) have been erected.  Players then add up their “victory points,” and the player with the highest score wins.



Review of Deus Board Game
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Pro Tips

Deus is a new game, recently becoming widely available to most US players, but in his recent hands on experience, Dale Yu, also of OpinionatedGamer.com said:

“The trick here will be to figure out how to maximize the card effects.  Since you get to take advantage of all of the card effects of a particular color when you play a card, figuring out how to get the actions when you need them will be key.”


Deus Board Game Review

Reviewers… Reviews

The crew at BoardGameQuest.com rated Deus as one of the Top 10 games they hope to try for 2014. Contributor Tony Mastrangeli took time in his end-of-year recap to say,

“I like the abstract nature of the game as it still feels a little different from what else is out there. I’m hoping this one will make it across my gaming table soon!”

Deus is making quite an impression as a new, unique, and fresh approach to conquest style strategy games. We are excited to see more thoughts from the Pros as they get their hands on a copy.  All we know is this instant hit feels like a must-play for lovers of pure strategy games.


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