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New & Upcoming: September 2017

Posted Friday, 1-Sep-2017

A new Dungeons & Dragons card game, Richard Garfield’s newest design, and updates of modern classics – Here’s September’s New & Upcoming Games!







3-5 players ♠ 150 minutes ♠ Ages 14 & up

Around $54

A re-implementation of Shogun and Wallenstein, Immortals is a game of eternal war between two worlds – the World of Twilight and the Light Realm. Using the infamous cube tower, units that die in one world get transported to the next to fight there anew.






2-6 players ♠ 30 minutes ♠ Ages 13 & up

Around $42

From the creators of Shadowrun Crossfire, Dragonfire is a co-operative deckbuilding experience set in the world of Dungeons of Dragons. Equip spells, weapons, and magic items to take on the adventure along the famed Sword Coast, Baldur’s Gate, Neverwinter, and Waterdeep. Level up your characters, work together, and always beware the dragonfire!

Bunny Kingdom


Bunny Kingdom


2-4 players ♠ 60 minutes ♠ Ages 8 & up

Around $40

Expand your fief by just a hare with Bunny Kingdom! Designer Richard Garfield (Magic: The Gathering) has unleashed his newest creation in which you draft cards, harvest carrots, and rally rabbit armies in order to conquer the lands.






2-6 players ♠ 40 minutes ♠ Ages 10 & up

Around $28

Based on Wolfgang Kramer’s Top Race and lovingly restored by Justin Jacobson and Rob Daviau (Pandemic Legacy), let this game of high speed racing and high stakes bidding drive its way into your heart.





3-4 players ♠ 60 minutes ♠ Ages 14 & up

Around $14

Another game from Restoration, this time restoring Coup D’etat and Dragonmaster by Jerry D’Arcy. Indulgence is a trick taking game set among the powerful families of the Italian Renaissance in which knowing when to sin is almost as important as staying the straight and narrow.

Expansions & Reprints

Munchkin: Rick & Morty


Munchkin: Rick and Morty


3-6 players ♠ Ages 17 & up

Around $18

The classic card game of fighting monsters and leveling up meets the animated series of ultraviolence and butts. It’s Munchkin: Rick & Morty.


Captain Sonar: Upgrade One


Captain Sonar - Upgrade 1 Expansion


2-8 players ♠ 45 minutes ♠ Ages 14 & Up

Around $20

New maps. New weapons. New tactics. Captain Sonar: Upgrade One is an expansion to the game of submarine vs submarine in real time naval warfare. Want a missile with unlimited range? How about a torpedo that goes further but only fires in a straight line?

Star Trek: Ascendancy: Cardassia and Ferengi


Star Trek: Ascendancy – Cardassian UnionStar Trek: Ascendancy – Ferengi Alliance


3-5 players ♠ 180 minutes ♠ Ages 14 & up

Around $23

Whether profit or the pursuit of power, you’ll find a new faction for you. The ruthless Cardassian Union and the focused Ferengi Alliance join the game of Star Trek 4x, upping the player count and adding new races to the fray.


Imperial Assault: Heart of the Empire


Star Wars: Imperial Assault – Heart of the Empire


2-5 players ♠ 90 minutes ♠ Ages 14 & up

Around $48

Journey to Coruscant, the capital of the Empire and home to the most villainous scum in the galaxy. Led by Ahsoka Tano, three new heros do battle against massive AT-DP walkers, Clawdite Shapeshifters, Riot Troopers, and Sentry Droids.

Star Wars Rebellion: Rise of the Empire


Star Wars: Rebellion – Rise of the Empire


2-4 players ♠ 240 minutes ♠ Ages 14 & up

Around $31

Inspired largely by the movie Rogue One, Rise of the Empire lets you send Jyn Erso and Cassian Andor to recover the Death Star plans, or command Director Krennic and his death troopers. Feed prisoners to Jabba the Hutt’s Sarlacc, or send your TIE-Strikers into dive runs against Rebel troops. New leaders. New missions. New tactics cards that lead to more fully cinematic combats.

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