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New & Upcoming: Gen Con Edition!

Posted Wednesday, 9-Aug-2017

It’s just over a week to go until Gen Con 2017, the four biggest days in gaming! Here’s 20 (yes, twenty!) of the hottest games to get at Gen Con.

Prepared by Calvin Wong


Can’t make it to Gen Con? That’s fine – these games are available for pre-order right now on BoardGamePrices!

Bunny Kingdom



Expand your fief by just a hare with Bunny Kingdom! Designer Richard Garfield (Magic: The Gathering) has unleashed his newest creation in which you draft cards, harvest carrots, and rally rabbit armies in order to conquer the lands.

Pre-order Bunny Kingdom for $40



Century: Golem Edition




A fantasy retheme of Century: Spice Road, this title is a Gen Con EXCLUSIVE (also available on Plan B’s webstore afterwards) so get your friends who are going to Gen Con to grab you one!



Cities of Splendor



One box, four expansions. It’s more Splendor – what’s not to love? Cities, Trading Posts, The Orient, and Strongholds – all of which are designed to be individually added to your Splendor experience.

Preorder Cities of Splendor for $32



Codenames: Duet



It’s co-operative Codenames! The party game of identifying your hidden field agents using word clues is back with a fully co-operative edition. Work with your teams and avoid the multiple assassins on your tail!

Preorder Codenames: Duet for $13



Dead of Winter: Warring Colonies




In the zombie apocalypse, your greatest enemy is man. Warring Colonies lets you experience either new content your base set, or pit colony vs colony if you own both Dead of Winter and the Long Night expansion.

Pre-order Warring Colonies for $32








Based on Wolfgang Kramer’s Top Race and lovingly restored by Justin Jacobson and Rob Daviau (Pandemic Legacy), let this game of high speed racing and high stakes bidding drive its way into your heart.

Pre-order Downforce for $29


Ex Libris




Be a collector of rare and valuable books in a civilization of gnomes! When your collection is to be rated on aspects such as alphabetical order and shelf stability (and whether it contains any banned tomes) the competition is fierce!

Pre-order Ex Libris for $42




First Martians: Adventures on the Red Planet



The game of Martian survival is finally here! Based on the award-winning design of Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island, First Martians lets you drive rovers on the red planet, grow food, and deal with crises either in individual scenarios or ongoing campaigns.

Pre-order First Martians for $46




Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle: The Monster Box of Monsters




This expansion brings it all! Four new adventures. New monsters. New encounters. Luna Lovegood as a playable hero. 150 new cards. It’s the Monster Box of Monsters.

Pre-order The Monster Box of Monsters for $24



Mountains of Madness



Pandemic Legacy’s Rob Daviau has been busy – this game of climbing an Antarctic mountain range in a Cthulhu-inspired 1930s will test your co-operation, coordination, and sanity.

Pre-order Mountains of Madness for $32



Nemo’s War



The classic solo game in a new edition with great new art and graphic design. Command the amazing Nautilus as you set sail around the world on missions of research, combat, and exploration

Pre-order Nemo’s War for $60






Take your forest from seed to full bloom as you collect energy from the ever revolving sun. Don’t get blocked into shadow lest your trees wither and die in this strategy game of greenery and growth.

Pre-order Photosynthesis for $29


Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Card Game


A card game about evil ex-boyfriends, indie rock music, and solving problems with hard work and empathy. Based on the Scott Pilgrim comics, which mixed video game antics with heartfelt emotional growth, this card game of deck building and growing up is so. totally. rocking.

Pre-order Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Card Game for $29



Spirit Island



Europeans have come to your island to invade your lands and enslave your people. Band together the magic and spirits of land, sky, and sea – fight back against the Europeans and cast them back into the ocean from whence they came!

Pre-order Spirit Island for $40



Terraforming Mars: Hellas & Elysium



Two new areas of Mars to terraform; the Elysium lowlands, featuring the solar system’s tallest mountain, and Hellas, the south pole of the planet and the massive Hellas crater.

Pre-order Hellas & Elysium for $14


The Expanse



Based on the hit SyFy television series, The Expanse is a board game by Geoff Engelstein (Space Cadets) that focuses on politics, conquest, and intrigue. Earth’s UN, the Martian military, the OPA rebels, or the mysterious Protogen Inc. do asymmetric warfare and political conquest of the Solar System.

Pre-order The Expanse for $35



This War of Mine



In war, not everyone is a soldier. Trapped in a war torn city with dwindling food and battle raging all around you, This War of Mine is a co-operative morality and survival experience. Will you look the other way to stay alive? Will you steal? Will you kill?

Pre-order This War of Mine for $48





Our ancestors once build great cities; now all ruin, lost beneath forests, deserts, islands, mountains, and caverns – ready to be Unearthed. Your tribe must find and claim these ruins, restore them into places of power, and re-claim the glory of a bygone age.

Pre-order Unearth for $24


Wasteland Express Delivery Service



Welcome to the Wasteland Express Delivery Service. As a driver, your job is to haul as much food, water, and guns as you can fit in your truck to the needy cities of the wasteland. Raiders? New Republic Army? Archivists? Nothing stops the Wasteland Express Delivery Service – nothing!

Pre-order Wasteland Express Delivery Service for $54


Whistle Stop



Who says train games don’t have to be beautiful? Wind your way west with Whistle Stop, a game about the transcontinental railroad. Build routes, pick up and sell cargo, and gain shares in other companies – or hold out for a bigger payoff on the West Coast. All aboard!

Pre-order Whistle Stop for $39

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