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New & Upcoming Board Games in July 2017

Posted Thursday, 6-Jul-2017

A Spiel des Jahres nominee, a new Eric Lang game, and the latest from Stonemaier Games; all in this month’s New & Upcoming.




2-4 players ♠ 20 minutes ♠ Ages 5 & up

Around $28.

Shortlisted for the 2017 Kinderspiel des Jahres, Lagoonies is a visual matching game with a very clever twist. Plastic bubbles obscure your view of the underwater sprite tokens you’re hunting, thus requiring a closer look, but the dive is never the same twice. Here’s the official YouTube video if you want a better idea, but this charming, quick playing game is suitable for all ages.

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Leaders of Euphoria: Choose a Better Oppressor



4-8 players ♠ 35 minutes ♠ Ages 12 & up

Around $14

Based on the Good Cop, Bad Cop game engine but set in the dystopian future world of Euphoria, this social deduction game instills a sense of Orwellian paranoia as you deftly try to figure out who’s on your side and who isn’t. With three factions to join and opponents to ferret out, it’s time to choose your side.

Buy Leaders of Euphoria: Choose A Better Oppressor


Sidereal Confluence



Around $44

4-9 players ♠ 120 – 190 minutes ♠ Ages 14 & up

An asymmetrical trading and negotiation game with zero downtime, Sidereal Confluence is set in the far flung reaches of space with 9 unique alien races each with their own incredible power. Evoking games like Cosmic Encounter, Sidereal Confluence is a game for those who enjoy talking it out with a side of occasional power struggle

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The Godfather: Corleone’s Empire



Around $64

2-5 players ♠ 60-90 minutes ♠ Ages 14 & up

Eric Lang’s latest dudes on a map game replaces the dudes with mafiosos and charges you with shaking down New York. Get money, employ rackets, and make them an offer of the unrefusable kind – all with gorgeous miniatures and powerful player abilities. Master New York, or sleep with the fishes.

Buy The Godfather: Corleone’s Empire

Witches of the Revolution



1-4 players ♠ 60 minutes ♠ Ages 13 & up

Around $27

The fledgling nation of America is a haven for the persecuted, and who knows better the wrath of persecution than a witch? Witches of the Revolution is a co-operative card game of braving the perils of tyranny and fighting for American independence with the power of witchcraft. Until all are free, none are free, and there is no freedom without justice.

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Expansions & Reprints


Ascension: Alliances



4-6 players ♠ 30 minutes ♠ Ages 13 & up

Around $7

This expansion to the deck building game adds the titular Alliances, allowing players to fight each other in teams rather than one for all while simultaneously introducing team-specific mechanics. A new twist on an old classic.

Buy Ascension: Alliances

Between Two Cities: Capitals



3-7 players ♠ 35 minutes ♠ Ages 8 & up

Around $14

Prove yourself a master planner as this expansion to Between Two Cities challenges you to consider natural terrain, placement of civic buildings, and the demands of the capital’s citizens – as well as districts, landscape mats, and other new features.

Buy Between Two Cities: Capitals


Runebound: Unbreakable Bonds



1-4 players ♠ 120-180 minutes ♠ Ages 14 & up

Around $34

The game of epic fantasy adventure gets a solo/co-operative expansion in Unbreakable Bonds, featuring co-op and solo modes for the scenarios in the core set and Caught in a Web – or just enjoy the new heroes, skill cards, assets, and twist cards. Either way, get ready for adventure.

Buy Runebound: Unbreakable Bonds


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