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New & Upcoming Board Games for September 2016

Posted Thursday, 1-Sep-2016

The Legends of Andor return, Terraform Mars, get your Lannister on, and prepare to be Bloodborne in September’s upcoming board game releases.


Contributed by Calvin Wong

Bloodborne: The Card Game.

From the mind of Eric Lang (Blood Rage, Chaos in the Old World) comes a co-operative card game about going in the dungeon, getting the loot, and not dying.


At least it's not Airborne. Yet.
At least it’s not Airborne. Yet.


‘Not dying’ is the hard part, because if you do, you don’t get any of the precious blood that allows you to upgrade your character and equipment. Also, did we say co-operative? Only for as long as your friends are helping you to get loot. Feel free to ditch them to their fate, because the player with the most blood wins.

Mean? That’s Bloodborne.


Bloodborne: The Card Game is available for pre-order from $27.99


Time to move into your Dream Home

Want a wine cellar next to your rocketship bedroom downstairs from your grand piano? Of course you do.


One hopes the mortgage isn't too crushing.
One hopes the mortgage isn’t too crushing.


Dream Home is a cute all-ages board game where players compete to have the nicest, most well decorated home, with rooms (and associated accessories, like roofs) built onto their tableau of cards. Yes, treehouses included.

Dream Home is available for pre-order from $33.99


Get your whip ready: Order of the Gilded Compass

Shift into treasure hunting mode among the shifting desert sands (and other such worldly locations). As a hopeful initiate of a secret archaeological society, search for treasure maps, the specialists to follow them, or simply buy them at auction.


No compass is gonna order ME around!
No compass is gonna order ME around!


This game of dice assignment and hidden treasure lets you build buildings, dive for treasure, and even get in good with the Illuminati – anything to get into the Order of the Gilded Compass. I bet they have an awesome cheese tray.

Order of the Gilded Compass is available for pre-order from $25.99


Terraforming Mars

It’s one of those rare games that tells you everything it’s about right on the tin.


Dream living in the 25th century.
Dream living in the 25th century.


Terraforming Mars is a eurogame about… well. Players must raise the temperature of the atmosphere, introduce oxygen and CO2 to have a better plant growing environment, and perform special projects to make the planet habitable.

Notable for its scientific accuracy and engine building gameplay, Terraforming Mars is time warping from the 25th century to your table. Ever wanted to live on Mars?

Terraforming Mars is available for pre-order from $45.99


The Banner Saga: Warbands

Based on the hit video game series, The Banner Saga is a tale of struggle and survival, of conflict and chaos in an uncertain world.


And the upcoming sequel, Peace corps...
And the upcoming sequel, Peace corps…


This co-operative board game tasks players with keeping the warband safe from bandits, the evil monsters known as the Dredge – and themselves.

Each player takes on the role of a leader of the warband, each with a different role in keeping your people safe as they travel through the difficult and dangerous world.

The Banner Saga: Warbands is available for pre-order from $38.40


Expansions & Reprints

“Hear me Roar! say the Lannisters of Casterly Rock. “A Lannister always pays his debts” say their enemies. In this box, you get a little bit of both.


Not included: The payment of debts.
Not included: The payment of debts.


The second deluxe expansion for the new edition of the card game introduces more intrigue for everyone’s favorite red and gold faction, the launching of raiding marauders, and ambushes, as well as new versions of everyone’s favorite Lannisters. But other factions are not ignored, with 2 characters for every other house in the game.


It’s time to go north with this expansion for the classic game of co-operative adventure.



There's Klingons off the starboard bow! Oh wait, wrong game.
There’s Klingons off the starboard bow! Oh wait, wrong game.


Journey to the North sees players on a journey to the far off nation of Hadria to answer a desperate plea for help. The game forces players against the elements, with storms and sea monsters plaguing their efforts.

With new characters, a new map, and plenty of new adventures, it’s time to get your winter gear and your sea legs and get on board…


Runebound Third Edition has launched a pair of expansions: The Mountains Rise, and Fall of the Dark Star. I sense a theme.



...and Fall.
…and Fall.

Billed as an adventure and scenario pack respectively, these expansions can be integrated into your base set of Runebound to add extra variety. The Mountains Rise can be added to any scenario, with new adventure cards, assets, skills, and even a new hero: Nanok the barbarian, who fights without armor in favor of the thrill of battle.

Fall of the Dark Star on the other hand adds thirty new adventure cards and an entirely new story as a terrible calamity befalls (Get it, falls) Terrinoth. This expansion also adds a new hero: Zyla, an alien from another plane.


Speaking of heroes…


Poe X Rey 4ever.
Poe X Rey 4ever.

Heroes of the Resistance is part of Wave X of X-Wing expansions, bringing characters from The Force Awakens to your fleet. Rey, Finn, and Poe Dameron join your side, and new sculpts of the T-70 X-Wing and Millenium Falcon, who can be piloted by new versions of Han and Chewie, or you could let Rey take her for a spin.

Finally, we have some winemaking.

I don't think it's possible to take wine too seriously.
I don’t think it’s possible to take wine too seriously.

From the designer of The Gallerist, CO2, and Kanban: Automotive Revolution, Vinhos is a game of trading and economic management set in the vineyards of Portugal. The deluxe edition features new art, improved rules, a double side board of both versions of the game, and lots of tiny tweaks – and solo rules!

Still looking for something to tickle your fancy?  See our top-searched board games page for some great ideas!

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