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New & Upcoming Board Games for September 2015

Posted Sunday, 30-Aug-2015

Contributed by Calvin Wong


Mottainai: Glory to Rome’s spiritual successor.

From Asmadi Games and designer Carl Chudyk comes Mottainai. A reimplementation of the legendary Glory to Rome, the theme has been shifted to monks in a temple trying to complete simple tasks such as praying and making pots.


Clean and simple living
Clean and simple living


Featuring Glory to Rome’s signature mechanic, cards in Mottainai can be used in multiple ways and features a lot of interesting decisions in a light package.


Mottainai is available for pre-order from $9.75


Awesome Kingdom: The Tower of Hateskull

Play as the Ragebarian, Prestidigimancer, or Paladude in Kevin Wilson’s lighthearted dungeon romp.




From the designer of Descent: Journeys in the Dark and Arkham Horror, Awesome Kingdom takes 2 to 4 players on a dungeon dive to become the most awesome hero.


Awesome Kingdom: Tower of Hateskull is available for pre-order from $20.09

“Predator” vs “Alien vs Predator”

Two new Predator games release in September, Aliens Vs Predator: The Hunt Begins and Legendary Encounters: Predator





The Hunt Begins is a tactical board game for 1 to 4 players featuring buckets of miniatures and a story campaign, whereas Legendary Encounters is a continuation of the Legendary deckbuilding system that spawned Marvel Legendary and the previous Legendary Encounters: Alien.

In fact, the game is designed to be fully compatible with Legendary Encounters: Alien, and partially compatible with Marvel.


Champions of Midgard

Battle for glory and earn your right to be called Champion! A viking worker placement and dice rolling game, Champions of Midgard is a medium weight euro with a decidedly amerigame theme.


Draugrs and Lindwurms and Trolls, oh my!
Draugrs and Lindwurms and Trolls, oh my!


Carve runes and build ships, then send your warriors to defeat monsters and raid neighboring villages in your quest to claim glory!


Champions of Midgard is available for pre-order from $40.00

Survive: Space Attack!

From the designers of Space Cadets and the company that brought you Survive: Escape from Atlantis comes a new way to fight for your lives!


Everything is scarier in space
Everything is scarier in space.


In Survive: Space Attack, players must flee the Space Station Atlantis as it comes under attack by alien forces. Featuring a double sided board and new combat rules, players fight to be the first one to escape the doomed station.


Survive! Space Attack is available for pre-order from $33.99


Expansions and New Editions

Two expansions releasing this month are Flight, an expansion for gorgeous card game Evolution and the SuperCup expansion for Camel Up.


Time to take wing
Time to take wing


Camels are naturally photogenic animals
Camels are naturally photogenic animals


Flight introduces the ability to create Avians, who can fly further to feed but have higher food requirements. Supercup gives players more things to bet on, such as the positions of specific camels, and even allows collusion with other players.

Two classic social deduction games get a facelift as Coup: Rebellion G54 and One Night: Revolution both arrive on shelves.


More advanced than regular Coup
More advanced than regular Coup


Resistance as imagined by Werewolf designer Ted Alspach
Resistance as imagined by Werewolf designer Ted Alspach


Rebellion G54 updates the game of bluffing and deduction in classic Coup by giving 25 new character powers and promises a more advanced experience, whereas One Night Revolution gives players special roles and tasks them with finding the informant among them – if any exist at all.

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