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New & Upcoming Board Games for October 2015

Posted Monday, 28-Sep-2015

Fight a global Pandemic, bust some ghosts, and return to Westeros in October’s upcoming board game releases.

Contributed by Calvin Wong


Pandemic Legacy: Season 1 kicks off

Hotly anticipated Pandemic spin-off Pandemic Legacy will release Season 1 in the first week of October. Legacy takes the standard gameplay of Pandemic and adds the idea of permanent change – characters can die, cities can become scarred, and the events that unfold will be affected by your play.


The ticking clock metaphor is baked right into the box
The ticking clock metaphor is baked right into the box


Pandemic Legacy lets 2 to 4 players fight a 12 month battle against a global disaster of disease. Players will permanently alter their copy of the game as they play it, being encouraged to destroy cards, open new component packets, and paste stickers in the rulebook and on the board and cards.

Pandemic Legacy is available for pre-order from $47.59

Winter has come

A Game of Thrones: The Card Game has a long and storied history. First released as a collectible card game in 2002, the game was updated to Fantasy Flight Game’s LCG format in 2008. Now it has been rebooted once more into Second Edition.


Not pictured: Games, thrones.
Not pictured: Games, thrones.


This new core set presents a great jumping off point for players who wish to explore this 2 to 4 player card game of intrigue, power, and combat. Featuring updated and streamlined gameplay from First Edition and 8 full ready to play factions in the box, this song of Ice and Fire is scheduled to hit shelves in the middle of October.

A Game of Thrones: The Card Game Second Edition is available to pre-order from $27.49


Get ready to Spyfall 

A party game about keeping your cool in impossible situations, Spyfall tasks 3 to 8 players with deftly balancing the truth and how much of it to actually give out.


Lie to your friends in cool locations
Lie to your friends in cool locations!


The unique conceit of Spyfall is that every player knows their location and their identity, but they must prevent that information from falling into the hands of the spy, who knows nothing.

Players take turns asking questions which are as obtuse as possible to avoid tipping off the spy player while also making it clear that they themselves are not spies.

Spyfall is available for pre-order from $25.


Mysterium finally arrives in English

Solve murders as a ghost assisted by a host of psychic detectives. In this co-operative deduction game, one player is a ghost who can only communicate to the other players using dreams, represented by cards with incredibly gorgeous art.


The real Mysterium is why it took so long to import.
The real Mysterium is why it took so long to import.


Because the ghost cannot speak, detectives must work out from the cards which elements re related to the weapon, or location, or suspect, and have several rounds to each try and solve their mystery.

Mysterium is available for pre-order from $34.49


Ghostbusters: The Board Game blasting its way into stores

Who you gonna call? A co-operative board game for 1 to 4 players, this game has you playing members of the Ghostbusters crew (and a few extra characters from the various spin off series) in order to trap ghosts through a series of adventures strung together in a campaign.


Will it make you feel good?
Will it make you feel good?


Players can level up their characters, change the game difficulty, and even drive the Ecto-1 car around the game board. Ghostbusters comes with a pile of plastic miniatures and offers the ability to play as the mostly female ghostbusters crew led by Janine Melnitz from the comic series.

Ghostbusters is available for pre-order from $58.49


Conquer the galaxy in 30 minutes.

Tiny Epic Galaxies is a dice rolling civilization building game where players compete to upgrade their fleets, improve their resources, and increase their influence in order to rule the cosmos.


Tiny! Epic!
Tiny! Epic!


From the designers of Tiny Epic Kingdoms and Tiny Epic Defenders, Tiny Epic Galaxies features a programmable dice mechanic, supports 1 to 5 players, and will be released at Essen.


Clacks: A Discworld Board Game.

Based on the semaphore messaging system in the Discworld series of novels, this tile-flipping board game challenges players to send messages using a grid of black and white lights. 1 to 4 players must operate their equipment as quickly as possible to deliver a message across the entire world.


A marvel of non-magical ingenuity.
A marvel of non-magical ingenuity.


The game comes with competitive, co-operative, and even children-friendly modes.

Start your engines with Automobiles!

Spiritual successors to Trains and Planes, this deck-building game has players customizing their race-cars, crews, and racing their vehicles to a first place finish!


Why couldn't they have just called it Cars?
Why couldn’t they have just called it Cars?


Automobiles supports 2 to 5 players and will be released at Essen shortly before general retail.

Automobiles is available to pre-order from $31.49


Expansions and New Editions

Android Netrunner receives what is rumored to be its final big box expansion, Data and Destiny


Pictured: the NBN CEO, stealing your personal information probably
Pictured: the NBN CEO, stealing your personal information.


This box adds powerful new cards to the information megacorp NBN as well as three new runner minifactions, including an evil AI, an Android runner, and a white hat hacker.

Imperial Settlers: Atlanteans adds the first fictional people to this card-laying civ-building game.


High tech hair extensions, clearly.
High tech hair extensions, clearly.


Atlanteans can unlock powerful technology, but their buildings provide no points as they all remain underwater.

Build secret passages, hunt for swans, and build some moats in Secrets, a new expansion for Castles of Mad King Ludwig.


Find the method.
Find the method


The expansion to this tile-laying game about building an incredibly eccentric castle features 30 new rooms along with the aforemenioned white avians.

Take to the High Frontier with the new 3rd edition of the game.

The tyranny of the rocket equation.
The tyranny of the rocket equation.


This famously complex game of orbital mechanics and solar exploration has been streamlined to be more newbie friendly, including an easier learning curve, simplified map and player mats, but retains the realist approach to getting rockets into orbit. The 3rd Edition also includes the Colonization expansion.

Grab your sixshooters, it’s time to go back to Carson City with the Big Box edition for the game.


Carson City is all class.
Carson City is all class.


This old west worker placement game lets you shoot opponent’s workers, and the Big Box includes 2 expansions, Gold & Guns and the unreleased Heroes & Horses. The game is scheduled to be released at Essen.


For more board games releasing at the Spiel convention in Essen, look out for our Board Game News Brief: Essen Edition later this month.

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