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New & Upcoming Board Games for November 2015

Posted Tuesday, 3-Nov-2015

Go Above and Below, return to the realms of Andor & Terrinoth, and prepare for Blood Rage in November’s upcoming board game releases.


Contributed by Calvin Wong


Ryan Laukat’s Above and Below

Town-building and worker-placement meet storytelling and adventuring in Above and Below, the latest from designer/illustrator Ryan Laukat’s Red Raven Games.


As above... so below.
As above… so below.


The village you’ve built lies above a great cavern. What lurks beneath? Who will you send to find out? Mixing the story aspects of games like Tales of the Arabian Nights with more traditional eurogame elements, Above and Below’s evocative art style and cool theme make for a great package.

Above and Below is available for pre-order from $31.82


Fury of Dracula: Third Edition

Get ready to stalk through Eastern Europe as either the hunter or the hunted. This game of tense hide and seek between the hunter players (who can take on the mantle of Van Helsing, or perhaps the scarf of Mina Harker) and their vampire nemesis – Dracula himself.


At long, long last.
At long, long last.


Hunt during the day and defend yourself at night, and close the net around your quarry – but beware – this bat has fangs, and the cornered creature is the most dangerous.

Fury of Dracula is available for pre-order from $39.99


Nature Fluxx

Are you ready to get Fluxxed? Play out tiny woodland creatures and try to keep your win conditions in order – this cutesy and colorful edition updates the classic Fluxx gameplay with new, nature-themed augmentations.




Nature Fluxx is a reprint of EcoFluxx, but with updated art on the cards and a new box.

Nature Fluxx is available to pre-order from $9.97


Legends of Andor back on shelves with Second Edition.

Finally available in English, the co-op fantasy board game by Michael Menzel is back, along with two new expansions: Hew Heroes, and The Star Shield. Widely considered one of the best co-op games of the decade, Legends of Andor is for 2-4 players and features fantastic art, including double sided male/female hero cards.


The legends return.
The legends return.


As you’d expect, New Heroes gives 4 new heroes to quest with, and the Star Shield gives the heroes an entirely new objective. The game’s Second Edition (Published by KOSMOS rather than Fantasy Flight) updates many of the translation errors in first edition, but retains the same awesome gameplay.

Legends of Andor: Second Edition is available for pre-order from $37.99


Go back to Terrinoth with Runebound: Third Edition.

Another high profile reprint from Fantasy Flight Games, Runebound is a competitive fantasy questing game from the lead designer of Android: Netrunner, and features a huge bundle of changes from the decade-old Second Edition, including updated movement, combat, and adventures.


Aw, dragon lady!
Aw, dragon lady!


The dice have been removed and the dragon needs to be defeated – after ten long years, will you take up arms and rise to the challenge?

Runebound: Third Edition is now available for pre-order from $37.99



Blood Rage gets a pair of expansions: Mystics of Midgard & Gods of Ásgard – the former adds mystic magicians you can recruit to your viking armies while the later includes a pantheon of gods that inhabit the game’s various provinces, affecting the gameplay in said province.



...and Mayhem.
…and Mayhem.


Each comes with a plethora of miniatures in incredibly stunning detail.

The undead shamble to life in Mists of Bilehall, the new small box expansion for Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition.


Behind you!
Behind you!


The undead are a classic Terrinoth faction, but this is their first showing in dungeon-crawling Descent. Bone horrors and reanimates shamble towards the heroes in this Overlord-focused expansion.

The Old Ones rise once more, but this time, in Egypt – Under the Pyramids is the newest big box expansion for Eldritch Horror.


Secure that camel, dangit!
Secure that camel, dangit!


Journey through the Nile with 8 new heroes and prepare to have your mind twisted and bent as you work against the Dark Pharoah.

Legendary: Secret Wars – Volume 2 continues to expand the Legendary game deck building game system, and the industry’s extensive use of ‘:’ and ‘-‘ in board game titles.


Specialty tailors must make bank in the Marvel universe.
Specialty tailors must make bank in the Marvel universe.


The second big box expansion for Marvel: Legendary, the game adds competitive play for the first time, allowing a player to take on the role of the Mastermind and duel against the heroes as they play through Marvel’s epic Secret Wars storyline.


Mulder and Scully vs Tooms and the Flukeman – Trust No One is an expansion for the X-Files board game.


I am sufficiently creeped out.
I am sufficiently creeped out.


A ‘Monster of the week’ mechanic adds variety to gameplay, and new agents and a new location round out the game’s offerings. Are you ready to believe?

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