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New & Upcoming Board Games for July

Posted Monday, 6-Jul-2015


Empires: Age of Discovery Deluxe Edition

Following a successful Kickstarter, Eagle Games are releasing a deluxe edition of Glenn Drover’s popular worker placement game Age of Empires III: The Age of Discovery.


Empires: Age of Discovery Deluxe Edition
Empires: Age of Discovery Deluxe Edition’s new release will combine the original game with a revised rulebook and new pieces.


The new version, Empires: Age of Discovery Deluxe Edition, combines the original game and the Builders Expansion with a revised rulebook and high quality playing pieces. Like Navegador, Empires: Age of Discovery is a varied and enjoyable board game set during the era of Europe’s colonial expansion, and judging by the Kickstarter this re-release will prove hugely popular.


Navegador shares Empires: Age of Discover’s expansive board style.


Empires: Age of Discovery continues a trend of companies using Kickstarter for the re-release of existing games. Kickstarter provides a great way for board game companies to judge the market for an out of print game, and so whether it’s worth reprinting. It may not be the sort of innovative project the platform is normally associated with, but it is one more way in which Kickstarter is helping us get hold of great board games.


Formula D: Circuits 6 – Austin & Nevada Ride

Fans of racing game Formula D can try their skills on some new tracks with the release of Formula D: Circuits 6 – Austin & Nevada Ride.


 Formula D Circuits
Formula D: Circuits 6 – Austin and Nevada ride brings two new tracks of insane proportions to any Formula D fan.


This double sided game board adds two new American tracks, the Formula One Circuit of the Americas in Austin and a rougher ride through Nevada, including a death-defying jump across the Colorado River. Whether you’re already a Formula D fan or looking to try out this great racing board game, Circuits 6 will add new challenges to the game.



The hotly anticipated English language version of Mysterium by Oleksandr Nevskiy and Oleg Sidorenko is due to make its debut at GenCon at the end of July.


Mysterium’s English language version will debut this July for 2-7 cooperative players at GenCon.


This cooperative game for 2-7 players sees one player taking the role of a ghost, trying to help the other players solve a mystery through the use of cryptic picture clues. Taking the ground breaking picture card mechanic of Dixit, it builds a more substantial game around this interesting and innovative mechanic, in the same way that Trains built on the deck-building engine of Dominion, and looks set to become even more popular than the original.


Police Precinct

Coming to online stores on 17 July, the English second edition of Police Precinct by Ole Steiness is a board game that balances the two sides of policing a city – investigating a major crime, and keeping law and order on a day to day basis.


Police Precinct
The English second edition of Police Precinct combines law enforcement duties in guiding players to work as detectives.


You play detectives trying to solve a murder by moving around town collecting clue cards, and preventing gangs from running out of control, while a corrupt cop seeks to help the murderer get away. If you’ve been waiting for your chance to play The Wire on your tabletop, or for a less intellectually intense equivalent to Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective, then now’s the time to grab your badge, your playing cards and your donut tokens.


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