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New & Upcoming Board Games for December 2015

Posted Monday, 30-Nov-2015

Open The Big Book of Madness, defend your Stronghold, and rescue baby Wombats in December’s upcoming board game releases.


Contributed by Calvin Wong


Pistols at High Noon: Bang! The Duel

Six-shootin’ darn tootin’ cowboys and ruffians game Bang! is receiving a 2 player variant.


That's irresponsible behavior, that is.
That’s irresponsible behavior, that is.


First to kill all your opponent’s characters wins. Law-abiding characters are better at drawing more cards, while scalawags are better at being tricky. Which will you rely on? Think fast, and draw faster.

Bang! The Duel is available for pre-order from $14.99


Mage Wars: Academy

Mage Wars is a game about dueling wizards slinging spells and summoning creatures. Academy is the same game, but reimagined to be sleeker and faster while still remaining compatible with old Mage Wars, which has been renamed Arena.


Why is magic always purple?
Why is magic always purple?


Gone is the board – meaning this game doesn’t require a giant table and is far more portable. Featuring 2 of the classes from Mage Wars: Arena – the Beastmaster and the Wizard – Academy is a great way to dive into this game of spellbooks (literal spellbooks – flipping through them is part of the gameplay) and sorcery.

Mage Wars: Academy is available for pre-order from $18.99


Stronghold: Second Edition

The orcs are coming! Batten down the hatches and man the parapets – defend the Stronghold at any cost!




Designed by Ignacy Trzewiczek (Robinson Crusoe, Imperial Settlers) The classic asymmetrical 2 player game of siege and conquest is revised for a new generation of gamers – improved components, streamlined rules, and an objective system for both the attacking and defending player.

Stronghold: Second Edition is available for pre-order from $34.99


The Big Book of Madness

When your professors at Magician’s College tells you not to open a book in the depths of the library, maybe you should have listened. The monsters which emerged from within its pages threaten the very fabric of the world, and only you and your fellow students can stop it.


Student wizards - surely nothing can go wrong here.
Student wizards – surely nothing can go wrong here.


The Big Book of Madness is a co-operative game for 2 to 5 players where each player must cultivate their mastery of the elements in order to defeat the monsters and turn the pages until you can finally shut it and return everything to how it should be.

The Big Book of Madness is available for pre-order from $25.49



Rob Daviau (Risk Legacy, Pandemic Legacy) takes on global strategy in V-Wars, a near-future apocalypse game where humans are dwindling in number and vampires are converting more and more of them every day.


Shoot them or eat them? Decisions, decisions.
Shoot them or eat them? Decisions, decisions.


Including 120 miniatures and the promise of all-out global war and political machinations as your trusted allies may fall to the V-virus, we’ll know more about V-Wars when it finally hits shelves.

V-Wars is available for pre-order from $50.99


Wombat Rescue

Mama Wombat’s babies have been chased away by a dingo and she needs to find them! Unfortunately, wombats are slow and nearly blind, so the only way you can navigate is by smell – specifically, the smell of your poop.


Wombats and their digestive systems, eh.
Wombats and their digestive systems, eh.


Leaving poop cubes like breadcrumbs, Wombat Rescue has 1 to 4 players managing the digestive systems of their wombats while rescuing their babies and avoiding the dingo. The player who best manages their smell network by eating and pooping and finds all their babies wins!

Wombat Rescue is available for pre-order from $9.99



Android: Netrunner travels to India with the first pack of the Mumbad Cycle: Business FirstThis expansion cycle promises to turn the game on its head with a slew of new deckbuilding mechanics, and a promising new cyberpunk setting away from Japan and the US.


Welcome to India!
Welcome to India!


What happens when you give a kitten siege weaponry? Munchkin: Kittens has the answer – this 30 card expansion pack for Munchkin, lovingly illustrated by Kate Cook is described as ‘adorable and deadly.’ Knowing the base game, that’s almost certainly true.


Sorry, dog people.
Sorry, dog people.


Finally, we have a pair of exciting ships from the X-Wing Miniatures game, starting with the Imperial Assault Carrier, a ship so big it can carry 4 TIE Fighters under its belly and deploy them in combat whenever it wants.




The expansion comes with 2 TIE Fighters and many cards and pilots to enable TIE swarm strategies. For the Scum & Villainy faction, Punishing One is a new medium-sized ship with an asymmetrical maneuver dial and the ability to return fire at attacking ships in its firing arc.


Asymmetry is all the rage in modern ship design
Asymmetry is all the rage in modern ship design




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