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New & Upcoming Board Games: Essen Edition

Posted Monday, 3-Oct-2016

Essen! The world’s largest board gaming convention is around the corner. Here are some of the hot games and expansions that will be coming out in Germany next week.

Prepared by Calvin Wong


A Feast For Odin




From the designer of worker placement classics Agricola, Caverna, and Fields of Arle comes his biggest game yet. A Feast for Odin features viking raids, Tetris-like component puzzles, and a box cover that could have come straight out of Lord of the Rings. Fans of Uwe Rosenberg games should definitely put A Feast for Odin on their pre-order lists.





Age of Thieves




Age of Thieves is a game of rogues about to commit the heist of their life set in a fantasy world. Use flash grenades and speed potions to slip past the guards, steal the Emperor’s Jewel, and escape from the city in this game of action point management and daring skill.





Capital Lux




A science fiction card game with astonishing retro science fiction art by the illustrator of Catacombs and the designer of Escape: Curse of the Temple, Capital Lux gives you a handful of cards with which to plan, bluff, or risk it all. Keep higher cards for yourself than your opponents, but don’t be caught sending too few cards to the center or you’ll lose everything.









The dragon is quite angry about something – possibly the interlopers trying to steal its treasure. This deck building adventure game forces you to keep quiet on your journey or… CLANK! attract the attention of the fearsome wyrm. Pre-order your adventure before the dragon gets you.









From the designer of Suburbia and Castles of Mad King Ludwig comes a dice rolling engine building science fiction game. Manage stable and unstable resources, buy buildings from a central pool, and race your way to victory as fast as you can. If you love Ted Alspach’s designs, Colony is available to pre-order right now.









From the studio which brought you the brilliant …and then, we held hands and [redacted] comes Crisis. The world isn’t doing so great, and someone has to save it. That’s where you come in – savvy captains of industry who must find opportunity within the crisis. Navigate bureaucracy, invest in companies, trade resources, and you just might help the world to a brighter, safer future.









A co-operative memory and dexterity game where you must rescue a captured princess from the dragon’s tower. The game is from Haba, a famous German publisher of children’s and family games such as the classic Animal upon Animal. Honestly, just look at the components:





Martians: A Story of Civilization




Colonizing the red planet was hard – ensuring it survives for future generations will be harder. Martians is a worker placement science fiction game with co-operative, competitive, and semi co-operative modes of play in a place very far away – gorgeously illustrated by the same artist as the video game adaptation This War of Mine.





Master of Orion




The classic strategy video game series is brought to your table in this fast playing card game of civilization building and conflict. Whether you choose military, science, or espionage, your path is clear – be the Master of Orion.









From the studio that brought you Kodama comes a tile laying game with a steampunk bent. Noxford casts players as rival crime syndicates trying to throw their weight around in the timeless city. Exert control with your henchmen and lieutenants, or find yourself left by the wayside.





Of Dreams & Shadows




A story-based co-operative game of champions who must save their realm from powerful villains of legend. Work together, develop new tactics, and you might survive your journey through this otherworldly place.





The Last Friday




A lakeside campground. A deadly killer. This game of survival horror plays out over four acts, in which the murderer first hunts, then is hunted. A game of reversals and surprises inspired by horror flims, The Last Friday is about to take your breath away – and is available on pre-order if your heart can take the strain.





The Perfumer




Featuring components with actual smells, The Perfumer challenges you to complete your client’s orders, collect unique fragrances from around the world, then be able to identify them by smell. Who will be the master perfumer?






Bang the Dice Game: Old Saloon is a slick new expansion to the great dice game spurred on from the original title of outlaws and lawmen. Old Saloon adds new dice, new characters, a way to come back as a ghost, and Loudmouths and Cowards to spice up your gunplay. The game is available to pre-order right now.




Dice City: By Royal Decree (available for pre-order now!) is the third expansion to the game of civilization building dice chucking. Dice City’s previous expansions, All that Glitters and Crossroads, are joined By Royal Decree to introduce trade, expectations by Her Majesty the Queen, and a whole pile of new locations.




Take to the black with Legendary Encounters: Firefly, the latest in the deck buiding game series that includes Alien and Predator. Take your ship out, manage your crew, and above all, don’t get caught. Pre-order Firefly now before your ship runs out of gas and the reavers getcha.




Wish your Small World was a little bigger? Say, in a seawardly direction? Take to the seas in Small World: Riverworld. Pirates, shipyards, harbors, and plenty more await in this latest expansion for the game of civilizations in rise and decline – and it’s available for pre-order right now!




The War of the Ring rages on, and the Warriors of Middle Earth now join the fray! This expansion adds a pile of miniatures to your game, including Ents, giant spiders, the eagles, and more – along with faction dice and faction events to enable new, more challenging strategies for this epic game of fantasy war. Warriors of Middle Earth is now available for pre-order if you want to take the fight to Isengard.



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