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New & Upcoming Board Games: Essen 2017

Posted Tuesday, 3-Oct-2017

From Alien Artifacts to Vengeance, here are our top 20 picks for the hottest releases of Essen Spiel 2017!

Prepared by Calvin Wong

Alien Artifacts


Alien Artifacts


2-4 players | 60 minutes | Ages 10 & up

Around $27

The galaxy needs to be colonized, researched, and fought over. That’s where you come in.

Play as interplanetary factions building powerful ships, developing new technologies, and exploring distant planets. Develop your civilization, attack your enemies, and expand your empire in this beautiful science fiction engine building card game.

Pre-order Alien Artifacts





1-6 players | 75 minutes | Ages 10 & up

Around $52

A game of village building with a legacy twist; the village of Charterstone is forever changed as you play. As you play through the game, stickers are permanently added to the game board, forever altering your copy of Charterstone – unique to you and you alone.

Pre-order Charterstone

Clank in Space


Clank! In! Space!


2-4 players | 60 minutes | Ages 12 & up

Around $40

The evil Lord Eradikus has all but conquered the galaxy.He may rule with an iron grip, but his most prized artifacts are about to slip through his cyborg claws!

A science fiction spin off of Clank!, the deck building board game of stealth and treasure snatching, Clank! In! Space! moves the setting to one of space piracy and heists in outer space.

Pre-order Clank in Space!

Clans of Caledonia


Clans of Caledonia


1-4 players | 120 minutes | Ages 12 & up

Around $43

As Scotland transitions from an agricultural to an industrialized nation, the people need sheep, cotton, food – and whiskey!

Featuring a modular board, powerful clans, beautiful components, and worker placement, Clans of Caledonia sees its player building, upgrading, trading, and exporting in order to take Scotland to a new era.

Pre-order Clans of Caledonia

Cry Havoc: Aftermath


Cry Havoc: Aftermath Expansion


2-4 players | 90-120 minutes | Ages 10 & up

Around $21

The dogs of war have been loosed – now comes the Aftermath.

Aftermath doubles the number of skills and structures for each faction, adds new scoring rules, and adds variety and replayability to the game of asymmetric area control on an alien world.

Pre-order Cry Havoc: Aftermath

Dinosaur Island


Dinosaur Island


1-4 players | 150 minutes | Ages 10 & up

Around $44

FINALLY a dinosaur theme park management board game!

Do you make a boring but safe pen of herbivores and maybe some roller coasters and a log flume? Or try and make a breeding pair of Tyrannosaurus Rex to bring in the big crowds? It’s Dinosaur Island!

Pre-order Dinosaur Island

First Martians


First Martians: Adventures on the Red Planet


1-4 players | 90 minutes | Ages 10 & up

Around $46

Life in the wilderness is harsh, unforgiving, and potentially short. When the wilderness is Mars, the stakes grow ever higher. The habitat needs repairs, stress needs to be relieved, and the mission still needs to be carried out… whether or not your crew survive in the process.

Pre-order First Martians

Gaia Project: A Terra Mystica Game


1-4 players | 60 – 150 minutes | Ages 12 & up

Around $70

From the creators of Terra Mystica comes Gaia Project – a re-theme of the game of terraforming and resource management set among the stars. 14 alien races and similar mechanics, but a whole new galaxy to explore.

Pre-order Gaia Project

Hunt for the Ring


Hunt for the Ring


2-5 players | 180 minutes | Ages 13 & up

Around $35

The ring travels from the Shire to Rivendell, and the Nazgûl hunt the hobbits who carry it…

Hunt for the Ring is an epic hidden movement experience from the creators of the ultimate Lord of the Rings experience, War of the Ring.

Pre-order Hunt for the Ring

Island Hopper


Island Hopper


2-6 players | 45 minutes | Ages 13 & up

Around $33

Six delivery companies. One plane.

Island Hopper is the tale of you and your friends trying to bribe the Captain to fly the single delivery plane to the islands they need to drop their goods off at – did we mention you have to keep your eyes closed?

Pre-order Island Hopper





2-4 players | 120 minutes | Ages 12 & up

Around $53

Discover flying islands, buy ships, and build factories in the mysterious land of Noria. Artists Michael Menzel and Klemens Franz bring to life this design from Sophia Wagner, winner of the 2015 Spiel des Jahres fellowship.

Pre-order Noria





1-5 players | 100 minutes | Ages 12 & up

Around $63

A tranquil fishing village in north Norway, Njusford continues designer Uwe Rosenberg’s tradition of economic worker placement board games – but set in the idyllic 1960s as the owner of a Norwegian fishing company.

Pre-order Nusfjord





2-4 players | 60 minutes

Around $40

The future is built from the past.

It is the 22nd century, and rising water has engulfed the last of Earth’s lands. You are a survivor of the Otys colony, working to retrieve relics of past civilizations to rebuild the future of humanity.

Pre-order Otys

Pulsar 2849


Pulsar 2849

2-4 players | 90 minutes | Ages 14 & up

Around $43

1000 years after the Gold Rush, humanity’s thirst for raw materials has only increased. The first artificial Pulsar has been created, and with it the ability to open the first space gate…

Draft dice to explore the universe in Pulsar 2849, a new board game from Last Will’s Vladimir Suchy. Add ships to your fleet, visit unexplored star systems, or advance your unique technology systems.

Pre-order Pulsar 2849







2-4 players | 25 minutes | Ages 8 & up

Around $21

Build up the most prestigious kingdom to win the Queen’s favors … but always be aware of the dragon!

Queendomino is a follow up to 2016’s Spiel des Jahres winner Kingdomino, in which you claim domino-style tiles in order to build up your kingdom. Playable as an expansion to Kingdomino or as a standalone title, Queendomino adds complexity and challenge while retaining the simple rules and timeless charm.

Pre-order Queendomino

Scythe: The Wind Gambit


Scythe: The Wind Gambit

1-7 players | 140 minutes | Ages 14 & up

Around $20

As behemoth airships sail freely across the skies ferrying workers, resources, and providing bombardment from above – the rules on the ground have also changed. Conflict now ends in several new ways as The Wind Gambit contains new ending cards that reshape how each game of Scythe reaches its epic conclusion.

Pre-order Scythe: The Wind Gambit

Terraforming Mars: Venus Next



1-5 players | 90 – 120 minutes | Ages 12 & up

Around $20

We’ve conquered Mars – it’s Venus Next!

Floating cities in the Solar System’s hottest planet – Terraform Venus in this expansion to the card drafting game of planetary expansion.

With new project cards and corporations, more variety, more paths to victory, and a whole new planet to explore and change, it’s time to take on the Evening Star.

Pre-order Terraforming Mars: Venus Next

The Ruhr: A Story of Coal Trade


The Ruhr: A Story of Coal Trade


2-4 players | 120 minutes | Ages 12 & up

Around $38

The world runs on energy, and The Ruhr is where it comes from.

The Ruhr: A Story of Coal Trade is the sequel to Haspelknecht, a board game of 18th century coal trade at the beginning of the industrial revolution. Float coal barges down the Ruhr river as you navigate dams, obstacles, and sell coal to cities and factories to acquire valuable upgrades and unique progress markers.

Pre-order The Ruhr: A Story of Coal Trade




1-4 players | 120 minutes | Ages 14 & up

Around $63

You were beaten. Tortured. Left reeling. Now it’s time for Vengeance.

Have you ever wanted to backflip into a room while firing two guns at once? A board game of action movie revenge, of character progression and dice combat and fluid fight sequences – step into the shoes of a hero wronged, and their quest for Vengeance.

Pre-order Vengeance


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