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New & Upcoming Board Game Releases for March 2015

Posted Monday, 23-Feb-2015

While the gaming world eagerly awaits the arrival of the spring season, we have some fantastic new board games to keep an eye out for.  Tons of new expansions and original series are sure to make their mark during the first quarter of 2015.

Check out our list of New and Upcoming Board Games below:

Clockwork Kingdom

Gather resources, obtain workers, manufacture contraptions, and dominate battlefields in this new game from Mr. B Games (Alien Uprising).  With elements of area control and set collecting, Clockwork Kingdom is a much-anticipated game within the ‘worker placement’ arena.

Clockwork Kingdom is available for pre-order.

Clockwork Kingdom Game


Board game designer Scott Almes (Tiny Epic Kingdoms) brings us Harbour, a worker placement game with dynamic economic functions and plenty to built-in humor to boot.  The easy-to-learn Euro-game takes about 20 minutes to play and was a super success on Kickstarter.

Harbour is available for purchase.

Harbour Board Game

Pandemic: State of Emergency

Saving the world just got a bit harder in this latest expansion for the award-winning Pandemic.  Scheduled for released on March 9th, Pandemic: State of Emergency adds several new roles, events, and challenges to this hugely popular cooperative board game.

Pandemic: State of Emergency is available for pre-order.

Pandemic State of Emergency

Dragon’s Gold

Scheduled for an April Release, card/set collecting game Dragon’s Gold is sure to be a hit for the entire family.  Control your own team of dragon hunters and negotiate for goods while having the pressure of a 60-second timer in this new release from IDW Games.

Dragon’s Gold is available for pre-order.

Dragon's Gold Board Game

Star Wars: Armada

Fantasy Flight Games is expected to release Star Wars: Armada during the first quarter of 2015.  The 2-player miniatures game will take around 2 hours to play and is a ‘game of epic fleet battles in the Star Wars universe.’

Star Wars: Armada is not yet available for purchase.

Star Wars Armada


Mayday Games has announced the English-language release of the Russian auction/set collecting game Viceroy.  The much anticipated game is scheduled for a March or April release.

Viceroy is not yet available for purchase.

Viceroy Board Game

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