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New & upcoming board game releases for April 2015

Posted Thursday, 2-Apr-2015

Check out our list of New and Upcoming Board Games releases for April 2015:

Dominion: Adventures

Dominion: Adventures is possibly the most anticipated new board game releases so far this year.  Itis the 9th addition to the game of Dominion.  The set includes 400 cards, 6 mats, and 60 tokens.  30 new Kingdom cards are also included, including Duration cards, which allow you to plan things for future turns.

Dominion: Adventures is currently available for pre-order.


Dominion Adventures
Dominion: Adventures


Castle Panic: The Dark Titan

An expansion for the popular cooperative game Castle Panic, this newly released game allows players to work together in battling even more difficult enemies.  New battles, advanced weapons, and slightly different game-play make Castle Panic: The Dark Titan a much sought-after new release board game this month.

Castle Panic: The Dark Titan is available for purchase.

Castle Panic The Dark Titan

The Institute for Magical Arts

Scheduled for an April release, The Institute of Magical Arts is designed by Steve Finn, of Dr. Finn’s Games (GunRunners, Biblios, Let The Eat Shrimp).  It is a 2-play dice and area control game that which takes about 30 minutes to play.

The Institute for Magical Arts is not yet available.



The Institute for Magical Arts
The Institute for Magical Arts


Hostage Negotiator

First introduced as a Kickstarter game, Hostage Negotiator is now one of the most anticipated solo games this year.  This one-person game puts the player in the shoes of a law enforcement agent assigned with the task of negotiating the release of hostages.

One player, dice rolling, card management…just don’t break it out in the middle of a party…

Hostage Negotiator is available for pre-order.

Hostage Negotiator

Area 1851

Area 1851 is a card-drafting, dice-rolling, set-collection game that takes place in the wild west.  Each player is a wild-minded ‘tinkerer’ with the goal of proving his or her worth to the citizens of their town.  This upcoming board game offers some unique mechanics, including passing your hand to the next player at the end of each round.

Area 1851 is not yet available for purchase.


Area 1851
Area 1851



A fast-paced light 2-player game, Attila is  great for children and adults alike.  A playing time of 10 minutes makes this a great introduction to area movement games for youngsters.

Attila is available for pre-order.



Atilla Board Game


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