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Near and Far Board Game Review of Reviews

Posted Monday, 25-Sep-2017

A compilation of reviews for Near and Far – A storytelling adventure board game of eight adventurers on a grand quest for their heart’s true desire.

Contributed by Calvin Wong

Review of reviews: Near and Far

Absolutely lovely. Gobsmackingly gorgeous presentation.

Richard “Rahdo” Ham, RahdoRunsThrough

Easily one of the best games of the year.

Tom Vasel, The Dice Tower



What is Near and Far?

Our pick for Game of the Month, Near and Far is a game of whimsy and adventure; heartbreak and longing. Acquire ancient artifacts and battle monstrous creatures; or sit and sip tea with a squirrel or beat a cat at chess for control of a magical school – with eleven unique and fantastical locations to explore, an epic and emotional campaign, and individually tailored journeys for each of the game’s characters, Near and Far is a gorgeous game with many hours of adventure to explore.



Game Overview



Near and Far is designed, illustrated, and co-written by Ryan Laukat, whose previous games include City of Iron, Eight Minute Empire, Islebound, and Above and Below, this game’s prequel and spiritual predecessor.

In Near and Far, players divide their time between an idyllic town – recruiting companions, buying and selling treasures – before setting out into the lands surround for a crack at adventure.


The game comes with a 140 page book of stories, scrapes, and creatures for your characters to meet, chat to, fight, or run away from – and the gameplay is easy to pick up with a simple worker placement mechanism for the town and “push your luck” meets “choose your own adventure” in the world itself.

If you’ve wanted a Board Game like Final Fantasy, Legend of Zelda, then this is your game! Near and Far is beautiful.

Mark Capell-Helm, Zatu Games



Players gather artifacts, companions, and treasure as they try to complete quests and advance the story over multiple sessions. Will you reach the Last Ruin? And if you do, will it hold the thing you’ve been seeking all these long years?

Immersive, unique, replayable.

Near and Far stretches the boundaries of tabletop gaming in new and different directions, combining new mechanics with a fantastic nostalgia not seen since Tom Cruise rescued a unicorn or Peter MacNicol took on a dragon

Craig Cillessen, The Review Corner

Between the illustrated atlas and the book of stories, playing Near and Far builds a potent and palpable sense of place.

Matt Thrower, IGN


Reviewers were universally taken with the tremendous artwork and innovative gameplay, with the storybook being the game’s beating heart, noting that it would take dozens if not hundreds of hours to play through the game’s three modes.


I really appreciate the fact that it has so much in it. […] it has so many different things to be discovered, and that it will find times where it makes you laugh, or it makes you feel joyous, or where you share moments with your friends that are kind of spectacular and silly.

Paul Dean, Shut Up & Sit Down


Play in campaign mode to explore the story of the game’s world – or play character mode, with each of eight different protagonists with their own unique narratives, motivations, and endings. Or play in arcade mode where story is set aside in favor of speed – or for players who don’t have the time to commit to a multi-session campaign.

Should you buy Near and Far?

We think Near and Far is excellent. Provided that you’re captivated by the artwork and engrossed in the storytelling and excited by the concept, anyone that wants to like Near and Far will like Near and Far.

Elaine, No Pun Included

Near and Far is one of the best games I have ever played. If thematic storytelling adventure games appeal to you, this game is one of the best. Stop reading now and purchase a copy.

Ryan Morgenegg, Deseret News


The reviews speak for themselves.


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