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How to Pick a Family Board Game

Posted Saturday, 3-Jan-2015

Sitting around and playing a good family board game isn’t nearly as popular as it use to be, but recent trends show family board games are making their comeback. Excitement aside, it’s not always easy to pick the right game for the family; somebody’s not good with math, somebody gets bored easily, and if Dad has to play one more game as the princess character, we all know he’s probably gonna snap. So, what to do? Before you go jumping all over BoardGamePrices to find the best deals, find out how to pick the best family board game for your loved ones here.

Sometimes, picking the best family board game means compromising a little bit; give everybody a taste of what they like. If your little sister’s no good at math, don’t pick a game where she’ll have to add up tons of points. If mom and dad prefer card games, it doesn’t mean you have to sit and play Go Fish, there are plenty of board games out there with cards involved to give mom and dad a sense of what’s going on turn by turn.

We’ve compiled quick list of popular family board games to please the crowd. Are there any others you think should be on this list? Make sure to shop around for the best prices on your favorite family board game here at BoardGamePrices!

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