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Going Large: Great games for big groups

Posted Monday, 16-Mar-2015

Contributed by Andrew Knighton

Board games are fantastic fun, but they’re often limited in how many people can play.  Even games that theoretically cope with large numbers often become slow and cumbersome with more than four players.

But sometimes you want a game where everyone can join in. So what are the games that work really well for large groups?

A Fight for Survival: Ultimate Werewolf

Ultimate Werewolf is one of those games that goes down well even with non-gamers.  It’s also great with large groups… for the sort of party where people are willing to pretend to be a monster.


Ultimate Werewolf
Ultimate Werewolf

One player runs the game, while the rest secretly take on the roles of villagers and the werewolves in their midst.  Each round consists of a night and a day.  At night the werewolves kill someone, and the next day the villagers decide who to blame and lynch.

The end result is a large, exciting debate in which everyone tries to explain why they can’t be the werewolf and shouldn’t be lynched.  Things get livelier and louder the more villagers die and the closer the werewolves get to their goal of eating everyone else.

If you’re looking for a quick version of the game, One Night Ultimate Werewolf: Daybreak adds a more complex mixture of roles in the village, but also a quicker game.  Everything happens in a single night, and then players have three minutes to decide who to lynch.  It’s the faster but equally fun version of the game, in which no-one is left dead and watching from the sidelines after the first night.

A Struggle for Status: The Great Dalmuti

The Great Dalmuti is a card game that can theoretically involve up to eight players, and in practice can go bigger than that.  A simple game of potentially endless recurring rounds, it can fill ten minutes or a long late night gaming session.


The Great Dalmuti
Photo Credit: https://cf.geekdo-images.com/images/pic1025007_md.jpg

Each turn players are dealt numbered cards, which they then try to get rid of.  The first to empty their hand is the winner, the Great Dalmuti, and will have the best seat and game advantage next round.  Seating and advantage for the next round is entirely decided by how well players do, with whoever comes last is given the worst seat as the peon.

The joy of the Great Dalmuti comes in the switching of places, playing to the game’s social hierarchy, and watching the mighty fall. Each player lords it over the others when they’re the Great Dalmuti, creating immense satisfaction for their opponents when that player eventually winds up as a peon. It’s a silly game that works very well with a fun-loving group of players.

A Dip Into Darkness: Cards Against Humanity

No discussion of these games would be complete without mentioning what to some is the best and to others the worst that gaming has to offer – Cards Against Humanity.

Like Apples to Apples, Cards Against Humanity is about finding a card that meets a criteria – for example, things to be afraid of.  Unlike Apples to Apples, Cards Against Humanity is riddled through with the blackest of humor.  If you like to laugh at grim comedy and strange mixed up subjects then it’s hilarious – if not, steer well clear and get Apples to Apples instead.


Cards Against Humanity
Cards Against Humanity

With the variety of big group games available, no-one ever needs to be left out of the gaming again.

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