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Gift Guide: The Best Board Games for Young Kids

Posted Friday, 8-Sep-2017

Do you have kids or young relatives you’d love to get into the hobby? Here’s some great games for children of various ages!

Contributed by Andrew Knighton

By the time they get into their teens, most kids can play the same games you do – but getting to that point means planting the love of board games into their lives

Here’s our gift guide to some of the best board games for kids.

Spot It!


Spot it!


2-8 Players ♠ 15 Minutes  ♠ Ages 7 & Up

Around $11

A more interesting and diverting version of the grand old man of children’s card games snap, Spot It! is played with a deck of round cards. Each one has eight symbols on it, including one matching symbol for every other card in the game.

Spot the matching pair to win each round, in a simple game full of fun and adorable pictures.

Jungle Speed


Jungle Speed


Around $14

2-8 Players ♠ 10 Minutes  ♠ Ages 7 & Up

Another variant on snap, Jungle Speed adds reflexes and dexterity to the mix. If your card matches another player’s then you have to grab the totem in the middle of the table before they do.

Whoever gets rid of their cards first wins, in one of the most fun kids games out there. For the younger children you can take out the more complex cards to keep things simple.

Hey, That’s My Fish!


Hey, That's My Fish!


Around $10

2-4 Players ♠ 20 Minutes  ♠ Ages 8 & Up

Hungry penguins race to gobble up the most fish in strategy game Hey, That’s My Fish! Older children can work on their area control tactics, while younger ones can have fun just collecting the fish tiles as the icebergs melts from beneath their greedy penguins.

Catan Junior


Catan Junior


Around $24

2-4 Players ♠ 30 Minutes  ♠ Ages 6 & Up

A great introduction to an all time classic board gameCatan Junior adapts the core mechanics from Settlers of Catan into a game suitable for children aged five and up.  Each roll of the dice produces a different resource for the players to build ships and hideouts among the pirate islands of Catan, with the winner being the first to have seven hideouts.

This is also a great way to introduce younger gamers to the world of hexes and resource management!

Forbidden Island


Forbidden Island


Around $5

2-4 Players ♠ 30 Minutes  ♠ Ages 10 & Up

Playing games with younger children often involves helping them out, which is all the easier when you’re on the same side. Forbidden Island is a co-operative game in which you play treasure hunters trying to gather four precious items before the island you’re on sinks.

Varying the difficulty level will keep the game exciting as they get used to playing, without ever making it too easy to be fun.  And like Catan Junior it can also lead to a more advanced game, in the form of Forbidden Desert.

Ticket to Ride


Ticket to Ride


Around $32

2-5 Players ♠ 30-60 Minutes  ♠ Ages 8 & Up

A delightful bridge from children’s games to those for grown ups, Ticket to Ride is a simple train game in which you use rail lines to connect up cities.

Collect cards of colored carriages to make sets, then use these to lay routes across the board. It’s fun, accessible, and looks like a proper grown up game, even while being suitable for kids – and there’s loads of little plastic trains to play with!

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