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Gift Guide: Our Favorite Games for the Whole Family

Posted Friday, 2-Mar-2018

Keep your family entertained with this selection of great board games for all ages!

Contributed by Andrew Knighton & Calvin Wong

There are board games… and then there are family board games, the ones that you can all play together without the frustration of something like Monopoly.  They also make great gifts, so here’s our gift guide to some great family board games.


Apples to Apples

4-10 Players ♠ 30 Minutes  ♠ Ages 12 & Up

A fun and often hilarious party game, in Apples to Apples each player in turn picks a one word description, to which the others have to match one of the cards in their hand.


Fits descriptions like ‘fun’ and ‘exciting’


What’s more slimy, a slug trail or a politician?  What’s more exciting, a roller coaster or a charging rhinoceros?  You’ll have a lot of fun debating and deciding.


Forbidden Island

2-4 Players ♠ 30 Minutes  ♠ Ages 10 & Up

Cooperative group board games are a great way to encourage working together, and Forbidden Island is one that’s accessible to players of all ages and abilities.


Mid game on the Forbidden Island (https://boardgamegeek.com/image/2715318/forbidden-island)


You play treasure hunters on a slowly sinking island, trying to find four artefacts and escape as the waters rise.  Can you get away before all the tiles are gone, leaving you lost forever?

If you’d prefer a dryer (hehe) theme, the sequel Forbidden Desert is equally great!



1-8 Players ♠ 15 Minutes  ♠ Ages 7 & Up

Scrabble is one of the all time classic family board games, but it can be too slow for some and too challenging for others.


Spell all sorts of zany words in Bananagrams!


Bananagrams lets you use the same word-crafting skills, as you assemble a crossword grid of words from lettered tiles, but at a faster pace than Scrabble.  That faster pace also helps balance the game, rewarding quick thinking as much as a big vocabulary.

You could also wait for its sequel – the very clever Word-A-Melon!



3-6 Players ♠ 30 Minutes  ♠ Ages 6 & Up

Dixit rewards a different type of thinking, as it’s all about using your imagination.  One player secretly picks a card drawn from the beautifully illustrated deck and comes up with a word or phrase to fit it.  The other players put in pictures to match that description, however cryptic it may be, and success depends on how many people think your card matches the theme.


Create fantastic stories in Dixit.


The other players put in pictures to match that description, however cryptic it may be, and success depends on how many people think your card matches the theme.

Another similar, equally gorgeous game that can be played in teams instead is Muse!


One Night Ultimate Werewolf

5-30 Players ♠ 60 Minutes  ♠ Ages 13 & Up

One Night Ultimate Werewolf might not sound like a family board game, but it’s a great party game, and one that’s good for get-togethers.  Each player is secretly assigned a role, and the werewolves try to eat the villagers even as those villagers try to track down the predators.

One Night Ultimate Werewolf


Chase monsters out of town in a game even kids can enjoy, as they try to work out who’s lying, or attempt to cover their own tracks.




2-7 Players ♠ 20 Minutes  ♠ Ages 8 & Up

A simple push-your-luck dice game, Pickomino is quick and fun.  Each round you roll dice and try to claim a tile, perhaps rolling lots of times in the hopes of getting something better, but always knowing that if you roll badly it could all go wrong.


Don't let your chickens go hungry in Pickomino.


With its theme of eating worms and its cute illustrations, it has a humor that will appeal to young and old.

Stuffed Fables

2-4 players ♠ 90 minutes ♠ Ages 7 & Up

An adventure board game of brave stuffed animals taking on a quest to save the child they love, Stuffed Fables sends players exploring a world of wonder and danger and curious discoveries.


Stuffed Fables


In this family-friendly adventure game from the creator of Mice & Mystics play through chapters and read from a book of adventures as you explore the many milestones of growing up, crafting a memorable tale of childlike wonder.



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