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Gift Guide: Games for College Students

Posted Sunday, 8-May-2016

Contributed by Andrew Knighton


College is a great time to play board games.  Whether joining up with a club or just indulging in a few dorm room games, there’s always someone around to play with.  So what can you buy the college student in your life to make the most of this?

Once Upon a Time

2-6 Players ♠ 30 Minutes  ♠ Ages 8 & Up

College is a very sociable time in most people’s lives, so many of the best board games for college students are ones that involve a lot of chatting or encourage conversation.  Storytelling game Once Upon a Time is great for this.  Not only are you inventing a rambling, often hilarious story together through the game, but it will give you something to talk about afterwards.


Once Upon a Time
Once Upon a Time


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Ultimate Werewolf

5-30 Players ♠ 60 Minutes  ♠ Ages 13 & Up

For large groups, bluffing game Ultimate Werewolf and it’s faster paced cousin One Night Ultimate Werewolf are great games with a darkly humorous twist.


The villagers sleep, little knowing what horror awaits. Photo of a Werewolf game by Dana Lookadoo
The villagers sleep peacefully, little knowing what horror awaits.
Photo of a Werewolf game by Dana Lookadoo


Able to cope with a dozen or more players at once, they’re a lot of fun for parties and large dorm room games sessions.  Will you be one of the werewolves prowling the night, or a peasant trying to hunt them down?


Ultimate Werewolf
Ultimate Werewolf


Only time will tell who makes it through the night.

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2 Players ♠ 20 Minutes  ♠ Ages 9 & Up

Even students need a quiet night occasionally, and so it’s good to have a smaller game to hand.


Hive Board Game
Hive Board Game


Hive makes a good two-player game for those quieter nights, or for the more thoughtful sort of student, with its chess-like manoeuvring and tactical nuance.


Hive picture by oi xio
Hive is one of the bestselling 2-player games of the year.

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Android: Netrunner

2 Players ♠ 45 Minutes  ♠ Ages 14 & Up

When going away to college, some games are good sharing with your new friends, and others are good for finding those friends.  With its enthusiastic online community, it will be easy to find other players of Android: Netrunner, and so be sure to meet people with whom you have something in common.


Android Netrunner
Android Netrunner


It helps that college life will give you time to master this varied and ever-expanding card game of cyberpunk hackers and globe-straddling corporations.

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3-5 Players ♠ 240 Minutes  ♠ Ages 12 & Up

College gives you the opportunity to do things you can’t do once you’re employed and have a family, like committing a whole day to playing a big box game like Britannia or Twilight Imperium.  Giving the student in your life one of these games will give them the opportunity to immerse themselves in gaming at its most intense and complicated, as well as to practice their negotiation skills.




Whether conquering Britain or ruling the galaxy, it will make for some memorable days.

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2-6 Players ♠ 40 Minutes  ♠ Ages 8 & Up

Not every student is a dedicated gamer (shocking, I know), so consider giving them a game to introduce their non-gaming friends to the hobby, like Fluxx.  This card game has many themed editions, from zombies to pirates, but they all boil down to the same intriguing concept – a game where you change the rules as you go along.  Between that hook and a simple play style, it’s a great way to get new acquaintances into gaming.


Fluxx Games


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