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Games where you pull stuff out of a bag

Posted Sunday, 19-Apr-2015

Contributed by Simon Di Rubbo

Because sometimes cards and dice are just not enough.

When game designers want to surprise or challenge gamers, they often introduce a randomization system in their designs.  Dice are the most common random number generators and their popularity in games is far from fading away.  Cards are also great at randomizing, expanding the possibilities for designers beyond mere random numbers.

But randomization does not stop at cards and dice.  Some games need to have other components shuffled together.  Most of the time, they just go low tech and simply ask the players to pull things out of a bag.

Here ten popular games that use a draw bag as integral part of their game play.


Space Cadets


Space Cadets Sensor
Photo Credit: https://cf.geekdo-images.com/images/pic1459169_md.jpg

Space Cadets is a cooperative and fantastically silly game where the players fly a space ship together by playing different mini games.  To target weapons and tractor beams successfully, the player assigned to the sensor station has to search for pieces of a certain shape in a bag racing against time!

# of Players:  3-6

Playing Time:  90 Minutes




Image Credit: https://www.plus1gaming.com

Quarriors was the first dice pool building game; a dicey version of the more common deck builder card games.  Players compete to buy dice to add to their dice pool…err…their dice bag, before using them in battle.

# of Players:  2-4

Playing Time:  30 Minutes


Puzzle Strike


Puzzle Strike
Puzzle Strike

A board game that simulates a puzzle game that simulates a fighting video game, all using chips in a bag!  Puzzle Strike is another variation on the deck building genre, where instead of cards players acquire and play chips.

# of Players:  2-4

Playing Time:  20 Minutes




Orleans Game Bag
Photo Credit: https://cf.geekdo-images.com/images/pic2387895_md.jpg

Orléans is a complex strategy game in which players develop the medieval French town. The game uses a bag to represent your worker pool, from which players draw their workforce at random.

# of Players:  2-4

Playing Time:  90 Minutes


Marvel Dice Masters


Marvel Dice Masters
Marvel Dice Masters

Marvel Dice Masters is similar to Quarriors, but with collectible dice and cards.  Players assemble a team of Marvel super heroes to fight against each others, with the heroes and their powers represented by dice.

# of Players:  2

Playing Time:  15 Minutes




Photo Credit: https://cf.geekdo-images.com/images/pic1840937_md.jpg

Another famous economic strategy game,  Keyflower allows players to develop their towns and their farmlands.  As in Orléan, each players has a bag of workers from which to draw.

# of Players:  2-6

Playing Time:  90 Minutes




Eclipse Board Game
Photo Credit: Asmodee.com

Eclipse is a 4X style game, where alien races fight, explore and trade to conquer the galaxy.  The game uses a bag for randomizing the technologies available each round and for assigning rewards after battles.

# of Players:  2-6

Playing Time:  120 Minutes

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