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Game Mechanics: Voting Board Games

Posted Saturday, 13-Jun-2015

 Contributed by Andrew Knighton


In board games, voting isn’t always about politics and democracy, it can just be about out-arguing the other players.  Voting comes in when players have to make a decision collectively.  It can lead to a lot of negotiation, and a lively gaming night.


A classic game of treachery and persuasion, in Ultimate Werewolf and its variant One Night Ultimate Werewolf you play the inhabitants of a village under attack from monsters in the night.


voting board games 01
Monsters await the voting villagers of Ultimate Werewolf.


Every day you must vote for who to lynch as a monster next, as you try to hunt down the werewolves while they try to turn you against each other. A great game for large groups, and perfect for late night play at conventions.

The Resistance

Set in a dystopian future, The Resistance is a game for five to ten players in which you take on the role of members of a revolutionary cell.

voting board games 02
The Resistance forces players to vote as leaders of highly sensitive mission team. Can you tell the allies from the spies?


The leader selects people to go on missions, and all the players get to vote on those teams. Vote the secret government spies onto the mission and they could ruin everyone’s plans.


City Council

A game that uses voting as a mechanic as well as a theme of the game, in which members of the City Council try to become the most popular with the voters.


voting board games 03
See if you can get the council to vote for your schemes in City Council.


To do this you have to put proposals forward in meetings with the fellow councillors – the other players – and try to persuade them to back your proposals. If you can get the council to vote for your schemes then you’re in with a chance of winning when the city’s imaginary voters reach the polls.


Take part in one of the world’s most famous votes in Conclave, a game that recreates the debates around the appointment of a new Pope.


voting board games 04
Persuade more cardinals to vote your way in the voting board game Conclave.


Playing a faction of cardinals, you want to get one of your own to the head of the Catholic Church, and that means persuading more cardinals to vote your way. But first you have to work out how to persuade them.

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