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Fancy Gaming with Artistic Cards

Posted Monday, 19-Jan-2015

If you’re one of those gamers who doesn’t just like to fight a monster, but actually see all the creatures in your path, we think you might like a few of these games.  Check out the games below, and let us know what you think of their artistic cards.

Seasons – Seasons relies heavily on cards and dice, and their artistic cards keep players engaged just as much as its dynamic game play. As combatants in a legendary wizardry tournament, players will use the cards to determine what magical items, creatures and spells will come in to play. Only the most powerful will become the archmage of the kingdom…

Seasons Game

Seasons Cards

Gloom – A game called Gloom might sound like the saddest thing ever, and don’t worry, it is! This game features plastic transparent cards to make the artistic elements even more interesting.  Players essentially try to give their character the most miserable life possible before, well… passing on. The artistic nature of the cards and their transparency even has a special effect on the game play. This one is definitely worth checking out.

Gloom Game

Gloom Cards

7 Wonders – A very thorough city development game, 7 Wonders’ artistic cards display not only plenty of information on actions for the player to take, but also some pretty great imagery as well. The cards and images cover anything from the management of the players’ resources, to their military and economic strength.

7 Wonders Game

7 Wonders Card Hand

Looking for some more artistic card games to really starting gaming in the fancy lifestyle? Check out our Get That Game guide below, and find the best deals here on BoardGamePrices!

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