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‘Exploding Kittens’ – A $5 Million Card Game

Posted Tuesday, 3-Feb-2015

An Explosion of Success

‘Exploding Kittens,’ a strategic and tense Russian-Roulette-type card game is the most successful card game to ever be featured on Kickstarter.

Since the campaign for the cleverly illustrated game premiered on January 19th, more than 132,000 backers have pledged a combined $5,000,000+.  The original funding goal was just $10,000.


Players pick cards from the top of a deck until he or she picks an Exploding Kitten card, in which case that player is eliminated from the game.

To avoid elimination, players can use a variety of strategic cards, including a ‘Defuse’ card, in which you can use a laser pointer (or other methods) to stop the kitten from exploding.

Stretch Goals

The authors of the game have announced some ‘stretch goals’, or rewards, for reaching certain financial benchmarks.

The main reward is a NSFW deck that can be played independent of the original game.

Examples of NSFW cards include:

“See the Future – Discover a boob wizard living in your boobs, listen to what he says.”

“See the Future – Crawl inside a goat butt and see many wondrous things.”

Grab a Copy

Exploding Kittens is expected to be delivered in July of 2015, so visit the Kickstarter page to grab a copy for your next summer game night!

Exploding Kittens Cards
Photo Credit: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/elanlee/exploding-kittens


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