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Essen Spiel 2017 Photojournal: DAY TWO!

Posted Friday, 27-Oct-2017

Contributed by Calvin Wong

Welcome to Day Two of our Spiel 2017 photojournal!



It’s important to start out the day with a hearty breakfast! Gamer fuel!



The cathedral outside our hotel room. Gorgeous! Wish the bell wouldn’t ring throughout the night tho.




So many games for sale! Have you played all the EXIT games?





The Days of Wonder booth!




This game had trucks as sand timers!




Gaia Project being demo’ed.








Meeple Circus may be a sleeper hit of the con.




Best name ever. A Wings of Glory game with an alien invasion set in the propeller plane age.




vrrrrrrmmm dakkadakkadakkadakka




MS Batory is a game about a murder on a three dimensional cruise ship.




“I’m a pirate! I’m never in a hurry!”




Battalia: The Creation.




Demo’ers trying to scale Rob Daviau’s Mountains of Madness.








The very gorgeous Azul, a game of Spanish tile drafting.








Unicorns are in this year.




The Chessex booth. Money spontaneously disappears when in close proximity to this booth. Beware.




InBetween looks stunning.




As do this medieval couple!




At the Redimp Games booth!




A gorgeous shot of warhammer in action.












Unreleased dragon shield colors! They have slate gray!




Look at those miniatures. Anachrony is gorgeous.




The prototype of Posthuman 2, coming next year to Kickstarter!




Evil Corp. So evil.




There’s loads of cute stalls selling cute stuff like this gamer-themed set of ceramics you can mix and match.




There’s always something for the kids to do.




Bride! of! FRANKENSTEIN! (thunder claps)




Batman the board game! Coming to Kickstarter next year.




Fallout: Wasteland Warfare from Modiphius Games.






Photojournal Day One.

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