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Essen Spiel 2017 Photojournal: DAY THREE!

Posted Sunday, 29-Oct-2017

Contributed by Calvin Wong

Welcome to Day Three of our Spiel 2017 photojournal!

Off to the convention hall! But first, some art in the train station



And some advertising too!





We’re in! It’s time to start looking at some awesome games!



Like Pandemic Legacy! We saw sooo many copies of this being bought.



Demo people are sometimes dressed up in a thematic fashion





Cuteness is universal no matter the language.



Haba’s new line of children’s games!



Stronghold Game’s new rock ’em sock’em battle arena game, Space Freaks




Never go in against a Sicilian when death’s on the line!



The myriad expansions of Alien Frontiers



Keyflower is so lovely.




Cosmogenesis completely sold out.



Stunning cover.




The very gorgeous Time Arena!



This game is called Grumpf! I think it’s the sound you make when you try to assemble the components.




Unfortunately we cannot remember the name of this game but it was at the same booth as Time Arena and Grumpf.









The amazingly fun Kitchen Rush. Real time worker placement where the workers are sandtimers!




The graceful and majestic Omnibeast expansion for Beasts of Balance, an app-based dexterity and stacking game.




Punk Darth Talon.



Long Live the Queen! By Ludicreations.




Also by them: The deluxe edition of Diesel Demolition Derby!




We played this escape room! It was really good! Very creative.





Giant Ice Cool!




Game over, man! Game over! The marines of Alien Vs Predator.




Blimps! Who doesn’t love blimps.





Explore the galaxy and research technology in Pulsar 2849





Lots of awesome little games in distribution! Look at how gorgeous Sol is!





There’s also plenty of game accessories for sale.




Dragon Shield chocolates!




Just thinking about doing a 3D jigsaw puzzle makes my head hurt.




The very adorable Sparkle Kitty.




This yeti cosplayer got up in our face when we asked for a photo! Aaah!





The amazing 3D printed ambulances of Dice Hospital.




And the game itself! The Kickstarter is still on, go go go!



G.O.L.E.M., a Mars-themed area control game with a War of the Worlds style twist.




The unpublished Western Legends by Kolossal Games, a sandbox style wild west game. Coming to Kickstarter next year!

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