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Essen Spiel 2017 Photojournal: DAY ONE!

Posted Thursday, 26-Oct-2017

Contributed by Calvin Wong

Welcome to Day One of our Spiel 2017 photojournal!

We’ll show you the sights of the convention, from the main entrance hall:


To the booths inside, there’s so much for the eye to take in.




From Pandemic Legacy to Legend of the Five Rings, there’s so much gaming going on.


From game demos…

To escape rooms… and the Kama Sutra.


Don’t be fooled by the sex, this is a Bruno Faidutti design.


There were plenty of accessories. Dragon Shields had a whole booth to themselves.


…which is good, because these Pokemon players looked like they meant serious business!


The convention has everything! From comics…

To miniatures. Games come from all over the world…


From Taiwan…


To Finland. There were children’s games…


To epic adventures.


Things ranged from the familiar…


To the strange…


To the zany and outlandish.


There were resources for those who wanted to get into board games.


Or just wanted to play them.


Spiel is for everyone. Whether you’re a cosplayer:


A furniture enthusiast:


A mobster:


Or an airline.


Whether you love modern art:


Or just want to follow your Muse.


Or escape from jail.



You can meet famous people:


Find out about hot new games!


No matter what you’re looking for, there’s something here for you at Spiel.


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