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Essen 2018 Photojournal: Day 3

Posted Saturday, 27-Oct-2018

Spiel is almost over, but our coverage isn’t! Here’s what we saw on Day 3 of Essen.

People playing oversized Tokyo Highway!


Days of Wonder’s newest game The River was getting a ton of demos


Kennerspiel des Jahres winner Die Quacksalber von Quedlinberg was there too!


Set collector Cat Lady is all a charming and pretty in pink.


Big hit from last year, Muse is back with an expansion and updated rules for more strategy and choice.


Kartoffelkrieg! Potato war is a game about using real potatoes to fight each other!


Quick break from some shiny toys. Ooo on three: 1, 2, 3: Ooooooo…


Had a friend pick up this cute little game about wizards in a forest.


Save The Meeples!


Gloomhaven hype is in full swing even here!


Honestly one of the best games of the year. Don’t sleep on this.


Paradox Interactive was there too with massively long demos for their games, including the Crusader Kings board game…


And Europa Universalis!  What is it called when a game starts as a board game, becomes a video game, then goes back to being a board game…


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