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Essen 2018 Photojournal: Day 2

Posted Saturday, 27-Oct-2018

Welcome to our continuing coverage of Essen 2018! It’s the  Photojournal: Day 2!

Straight into the games with this adorable little thing.

Eric Lang’s been busy!


The components on this game are absolutely gorgeous. You can change the front of the vending machine and there’s a slot to put money in.


A Taiwanese tower defense game with some political commentary about the world.


Indonesian bluffing and negotiation game about Sang Kancil, a resourceful and tricksy mousedeer


Downforce tablecloths!


An up close look at the Harry Potter miniatures game!


More minis!


Beasts of Balance, an animal stacking game that uses a clever app to know which creatures you’re adding to the ecosystem.

The Cerebria card game tournament!


Wangdo is an area control game about bears. BEARS!


A dice booth aka a swirling black hole in which your money instantly disappears



FFG’s newest game, Discover: Lands Unknown. Every box is different! From Battlestar Galactica and Twilight Imperium designer Corey Konieczka


Bees! The Petrichor expansion on display at the Mighty Boards booth.


Aquatico is an eco-system building game by an Indonesian games company.

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