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Essen 2018 Photojournal: Day 1

Posted Thursday, 25-Oct-2018

ESSEN IS HERE. Welcome to day 1 of our Spiel photojournal!


The excitement! It rises!


Math trades going on outside the convention


Hall 3 was noticably more crowded than in previous years. Signs of growth?


The usual suspects


Matagot was showing off this new ant-themed game called Micropolis


Lautapelit had a pre-production copy of Eclipse 2nd edition! It looks swanky!


Digital implementations of board games!


Time to go save the world.




Ludicreations had an awesome booth including this really cool setup for Crisis, my personal favorite eurogame.


CO2 Second Chance is here! Dozens of copies were for sale at Giochix’s booth.


Fog of Love also had great booth decorations. Easy to find!



Richard Garfield’s Keyforge! Live!


Horror survival in The Refuge series of games.

Lots of non-board game related stuff is at Spiel too, like this cute line of children’s toys. Seems like it’d make a cool game tho…

And of course there’s Warhammer.


Did you know there’s an Assassin’s Creed board game? Kickstarter in November!


Random mini!


Random terrain!


The very cerebral and tactical Small Star Empire.


And we closed off the way with a look at a game about cornering the market on marketing conglomerates, New Corp Order.


Check back tomorrow for the second day’s pictures and be sure to follow along live on twitter, instagram, and facebook @boardgameprices!




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