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Dudes’ Night: Manly Board Games

Posted Sunday, 28-Dec-2014


When it comes down to it, some guys just think they’re too cool to play board games, but what better way to show them what they’re missing than by breaking out a few manly board games at the next get together? Most guys just get the wrong perspective, or don’t really understand how much fun they’re missing out on. Check out a few of our manly board games, pick up some refreshments, and you’ve got the perfect set up for a dudes’ night in.

I’m The Boss – Consider I’m The Boss the manly board games version of Let’s Make a Deal, or even something like Monopoly on steroids. This game will have the guys pulling cards to make the best deals possible, and fighting to pull in the most dough possible.  With head to head negotiation at the forefront in this game, your non-gamer friends will stay on edge, wondering why they didn’t love gaming in the first place.

Cash N’ Guns – Nothing says manly board games like Cash N’ Guns. Usually for 4-6 players, this game has players pointing foam guns at each to make deals, which to be honest, sounds pretty awesome, doesn’t it? This game will turn your friends in to gangsters, but then again, hopefully they won’t take things too seriously.

These are just a few suggestions of some manly board games to get the guys excited to game, but there are really tons of options out there when you put your mind to it. If you’re looking for a few more ideas, check out our Get That Game guide below, and find the best deals here on BoardGamePrices.

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