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DiceyGoblin.com – A New Socially Responsible Game Store

Posted Wednesday, 4-Feb-2015

Announcing the launch of DiceyGoblin.com, a new socially responsible game store.

After 8 months of planning and development, Austin-based board game retailer DiceyGoblin.com has finally launched in January of 2015.

The new board game website currently offers upwards of 100 top-selling tabletop titles, including Twilight Struggle, Splendor, and Robinson Crusoe: Adventure on the Cursed Island.

Founder Peter Attia decided to open Dicey Goblin because of his lifelong love of gaming.

“I’ve been a gamer as long as I can remember,” Attia said, “My father was into chess and my older brother played a lot of video games, so I ended up obsessed with Chess and Mega Man 3 by the age of 4. After that, I wanted to play pretty much any game that was put in front of me.”


Dicey Goblin Co-Founders
Dicey Goblin Co-Founders Peter Attia and Ashley Britt

Dicey Goblin makes itself unique among other gaming e-tailers because it offers free shipping on all game orders.

“I never enjoyed it when sites made me meet an order minimum or requirement to get free shipping,” Attia added, “It always made me second guess myself or end up spending more than I initially intended.”

In addition to free shipping, Dicey Goblin also donates a portion of its proceeds to local fundraisers, such as Extra Life and Austin Toy Museum.

Attia is excited about giving back to board gaming communities.  He explained, “Making a donation off of every purchase enables other gamers to support a concept they would enjoy.  They get the game they want, while contributing back to their awesomely nerdy interests. No effort required.”

Consider making your next board game purchase with Dicey Goblin and visit their site for more information.


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