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Clank! Board Game Review of Reviews

Posted Tuesday, 11-Jul-2017


A compilation of reviews for Clank! – A deck-building card game of grabbing the treasure and escaping the dragon – and its expansion, Sunken Treasures!

Contributed by Calvin Wong



What is Clank?

Winner of the Mensa Select Award, selected for Popular Mechanics’ 50 Best Board Games, winner of the Dice Tower Seal of Excellence, and nominated for 5 Golden Geek Awards including Most Innovative, and Game of the Year.


Clank Gameplay Overview

The dragon has hidden its treasure deep underground. You’re pretty sure you can run in while it slumbers and grab it – but make no false moves! Every stumble, every pitfall, every clink of golden coin – CLANK! the dragon awakens from its slumber, and won’t take kindly to thieves!



Recruit adventurers, fight goblins, buy equipment, and move through the dungeon using a deck building system similar to games like Ascension – BUT DON’T WAKE THE DRAGON.


Tension and desperation

Reviewers consistently noted the sense of tension they felt as they crept through the depths:

It adds a fun layer of desperation I’ve not found with other deck building games, […] Clank has a much richer narrative then your average points fest.

Jon “Actualol” Purkis


[Clank] has a sort of push your luck mechanism that I absolutely loved, and it just brought tension that I hadn’t felt in a deck builder before.

 Dan King, The Game Boy Geek


There’s a feeling of urgency in this game that you just don’t feel in another deck builder. […] The artwork is fantastic.

David Waybright, Man vs Meeple


Easy to pick up and learn

Like David, many praised the game’s art; they liked that it was easy to teach and easy to pick up while presenting difficult choices:


It’s silky smooth, it’s fast, it’s definitely on the lighter side, [with] genuinely interesting and compelling decisions. Absolutely delightful.

Richard “rahdo” Hamm


Great for solo players

Clank also comes with an optional companion app (available on Android and iOS) that allows for solo play!




Offering solo mode and additional quests for multiplayer, the app provides extra value for those who want to expand their game.


Should You Buy Clank?

If you like deck building, this is a no-brainer you’re gonna love it. If you like fantasy you’re probably going to like it even more. Coming from somebody who doesn’t like deck builders, who doesn’t like fantasy, and doesn’t like dungeons – I really think highly of this game.

Dan King, The Game Boy Geek

[Clank] is fabulous. […] Just a fantastic, fantastic deck builder, probably the best one I’ve ever played.

Jeremy Salinas, Man vs Meeple

The reviews speak for themselves.

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Go deeper with the Sunken Treasures expansion



Clank’s expansion adds two new underwater boards, scuba gear, mermaids, and a whole host of other cool stuff as you battle underwater monsters while doing your best to hold your breath.

[Sunken Treasures] makes the game more fun. [It] adds a lot of cool and nifty things […] without adding an unnecessary layer of complexity or corrupting the features of the core game.

William Niebling, ICv2

This was a sentiment echoed by Tom Vasel in his review, in which he noted that Sunken Treasures could be taught to a completely new player with no added complexity or rules. He then went on to proclaim:

If you like Clank a lot, this is a no-brainer. Dice Tower judgement: Excellent!

Tom Vasel, The Dice Tower



I mean, what other game lets you don a fantasy scuba outfit and beat on a goldfish?

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