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Borrowing from Pop Culture: Top Tie-in Board Games

Posted Friday, 20-Feb-2015

Contributed by Andrew Knighton

With excitement growing over a planned new Ghostbusters film, it’s not surprising that the Ghostbusters board game is a huge hit on Kickstarter.  Hitting double its funding target in the first week, it’s a hugely popular game even before it’s been published.  While you wait for its release, here are some other great tie-in games.


Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game

Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game
One of the highlights of the original Star Wars films was the space combat.  George Lucas took the dogfights of World War Two movies and shifted them into space, with exhilarating results.

The X-Wing Miniatures Game lets you replay those battles on your table top.  Adapting the rules of the popular Wings of War, it creates fast moving fights in which planning and maneuvering are key.  It helps that the miniatures are beautiful recreations of the ships from the film.


Battlestar Galactica

Battlestar Galactica Miniatures Game
When the Galactica reached the end of its television journey, it wasn’t the end for fans.  The board game captures the desperation of the show, as players cooperate to try to reach Earth before the Cylons destroy them.

But there’s a catch.  Someone in the crew is a Cylon, trying to undermine the other players. Tension mounts as you struggle to reach safety, or if you’re the Cylon then to doom mankind.

If you like games of action, negotiation and bluff, then Battlestar Galactica is a great choice.


Spartacus: A Game of Blood and Treachery

Spartacus A Game of Blood and Treachery
Just like the TV show, Spartacus combines careful scheming with exciting combat. You each play a Dominus, the head of a Roman household responsible for training gladiators. Your aim is to gain fame and fortune, at the cost of your opponents.

The Spartacus board game perfectly fits the tone of the show, and encourages you to act like the characters. You need to be ruthless and ambitious, but if you grasp for glory too soon your opponents will bring you down. Ambition is a good thing, but so is thwarting it with a card like ‘escaped slaves’ or a fight in the arena.

The arena fights, which happen regularly throughout the game, are a chance to gain fame and money through the skill of your gladiators. They have a clever combat mechanic in which skill dice are used to track health, meaning that injured gladiators become tired and less able to fight.

Spartacus shows that being ruthless can also be fun.

And the Rest…

From the epic scale of the Game of Thrones board game to the inter-planetary adventures of Firefly, whatever you’re a fan of, there’s probably a game for it. So why not hunt out the game of your favorite franchise and see how well it evokes the story you love.

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