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Bon Appetit! 3 Scrumptious Food Board Games

Posted Friday, 26-Dec-2014

Looking for a tasty food board game to combine your love of gaming with your love of stuffing your face with deliciousness? Look no further. We at BoardGamePrices know you can’t resist the urge to snack while gaming, so to make you feel less guilty about it, we’ve picked out a three-course meal of games that just beg you to prepare some food to go with. Ready, set… Don’t eat yourself into a coma!

Wasabi! – Proper speed and technique are key to any successful sushi chef, and this food board game requires just as much skill. Wasabi! faces 2-4 players head to head in a battle to make some awesome sushi, chopping and stacking and switching all the way. This game definitely requires some actual sushi to make the night complete.

Murder Mystery Party: A Taste for Wine and Murder – It’s all wine and cheese until somebody gets murdered at the vineyard… This food board game features players such as Marilyn Merlot and Bud Wizer in a clue based murder mystery, and what’s even better? The game includes party recipes for your get together… so get together already.

Candy (Limited Edition) – For dessert, we picked a food board game with some serious sweet potential. While Candy requires you to actually use the game pieces provided, this board game for kids 4 and up is perfect for babysitters and sugar-loving teenagers, especially when each correct answer also earns an actual piece of candy – provided by yourself or the game leader, of course.

Got any delicious food board games that didn’t make our list? Let us know which games make up your three-course meal, ¬†and we’ll share them here. If you haven’t played any of the above games, we suggest you head on down to the grocery store… oh, and also check out the best deals for these games here on BoardGamePrices!

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