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BoardGamePrices.com Releases Open API

Posted Friday, 27-May-2016

To the Board Game Community,

BoardGamePrices.com is excited the announce the release of an open API.

This is a very exciting time for BoardGamePrices.  We’ve seen huge growth in the past year thanks to the hard work of dedicated engineers, writers, designers, and interns.

While we regularly release updates & improvements to BoardGamePrices.com, the release of an open API is one that I find extra exciting.  Creators/Gamers from around the world will now be able to access our dynamic data to create amazing products.

The possibilities are endless for what can be created with this data.  Pricing tools, Apps, Add-ons, Plugins, Widgets and more will soon be available to board gamers everywhere.

If you are an amazing programmer or hobbyist interested in working with our API, please visit this page to learn more information.

If you are a regular visitor of BoardGamePrices.com, I think you’re going to be in for a very special treat within the next few months.

Happy Gaming,

Ben & the BoardGamePrices.com team


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