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BoardGamePrices’ Top 5 Must-Have Essen 2017 Games

Posted Monday, 23-Oct-2017

Essen Spiel is here! The world’s largest board games convention is this Thursday. We’ve picked the 5 most anticipated games you need to have.


Compiled by Calvin Wong

Three weeks ago we posted some of the most exciting games releasing at Spiel, but three weeks is a long time! We’ve now got information that some of the year’s most anticipated releases will be there. Here are five of the games you need to have.

Alien Artifacts

Number of Players 2-5 Play Time 60 minutes Ages 10+

Around $27

Imperial Settlers meets Race for the Galaxy, Alien Artifacts is a card game of expansion, exploration, exploitation, and extermination that plays in an hour. Settle far-flung planets, research powerful technologies, and attack aliens (and your opponents!)



With many different asymmetric factions to choose from and absolutely gorgeous graphic design bursting with sci-fi slickness, Alien Artifacts is a fun engine builder that plays fast and smooth but gives enough chunky decisionmaking for you to really sink your teeth in. Highly recommended.

Pre-order Alien Artifacts




Number of Players 1-4 Play Time 150 minutes Ages 12+

Around $200 (Expected retail price once reprint hits: $100)

An epic adventure in every sense of the words, Gloomhaven is a dungeon crawler like no other. A 95-scenario campaign with some legacy elements. 17 character classes to be unlocked. Dozens of customizable character abilities. No dice.



The game will be available in limited quantities at Essen before hitting wider release, with the initial printing in February selling out incredibly quickly after the game received rave reviews (it is currently the #4 game of all time on BoardGameGeek.com). Head over to Cephalofair Game’s booth (7-J108) if you wanna grab an early copy!

Pre-order Gloomhaven

Pandemic Legacy Season 2



Number of Players 2-4 Play Time 60 minutes Ages 14+

Around $64

The world is gone. A handful of cities remain; what’s left of humanity settles on floating havens in the middle of the ocean. Slowly, cautiously, you must try and make contact with the remnants of the survivors; those left behind as the plague ravaged the world.



Along the way, you will permanently alter your copy of Pandemic Legacy. Cards will be torn up, stickers placed, and new secrets revealed. Along the way, experience a story like no other.

Pre-order Pandemic Legacy Season 2

This War of Mine

This War of Mine

Number of Players 1-6 Play Time 120 minutes Ages 18+

Around $47

In war, not everyone is a soldier. Our Game of the Month for October is finally hitting retail after a Kickstarter campaign that raised nearly 2/3 of a million pounds.



The story of surviving civilians trying to make it through the military siege of their city, This War of Mine is a harrowing, melancholy look at war and the small things that can decide between hope and despair, life and death.

Pre-order This War of Mine



Number of Players 1-4 Play Time 120 minutes Ages 14+

Around $63

The axe forgets. The tree remembers. Vengeance is a revenge story; you were wronged. Beaten. Broken. Now you seek Vengeance the only way you know how – backflipping through a glass window with a gun in each hand.


Best served cold.

Filled with acrobatic flowing combat and stuffed with loads of amazing art and miniatures, Vengeance is a glorious action game with puzzle elements that mimics your favorite action movies, allowing you to finally re-enact a roaring rampage of revenge.

Pre-order Vengeance


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