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BoardGamePrices’ Game Profile: Garden Dice

Posted Friday, 23-Jan-2015

 It must be an insanely difficult task to pick the best new board game of the entire year, but an issue of Games Magazine recently gave Garden Dice the title to rule them all. So maybe you can’t even keep a simple houseplant alive, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be a gardening extraordinaire playing Garden Dice.

Players in Garden Dice are forced to channel their inner green thumb in this family strategy game by essentially building their own gardens. No, this isn’t some cardboard version of Farmville; Garden Dice combines dice rolling with tile and piece collection to turn gardening into a pretty awesome board game. Players earn points by watering and harvesting their “plant” spaces, which can hold crops from squashes to eggplants. Go figure!

This game of the year selection isn’t just Candy Land with crops, Garden Dice players are actually able to maintain their gardens throughout the course of the game, and can add sundials and scarecrows to shake things up a bit. And, if you’re feeling like a sore sport, players in Garden Dice can actually send in birds and rabbits to eat up other players seeds and vegetable gardens.

Have you played Garden Dice yet? If not, we don’t really know what you’re waiting for… a title like 2014 Game of the Year by Games Magazine isn’t something to be looked over, for sure! BoardGamePrices has all the best offers on Garden Dice, so pick up a copy and let us know if it would be your Game of the Year.

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